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Friday, June 22, 2012

Wingnuts & Tinfoil...

How many times have you seen a Patriot in our community ranting about the UN, Bildebergs and other grand conspiracies and rolled your eyes?

You may owe a few of them an apology.

The UN is now classifying it's plan for Rio because one of the drafts called for "contraction" of major economies.

Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't trying to get you.

I have a saying I developed over the last few years: I am not fringe, but I can see it from here. Of course, there are many folks who would read that...and roll their eyes. ;)

Here's the story on the UN. For those of us who are convinced that President Obama does not think "President of the united States" is the highest credential possible on a resume, and think he may see himself, one day, as the first "President of the World" or some such title, it is not a stretch to consider some politicians deliberately sabotaging the economies of the world as part of a UN scheme...

UPDATE 6/24: EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief...



  1. I have maintained for years that we should ship all those who are at the UN representing their countries back to where they came from and either 1. Burn the building to the ground
    2. Turn the building into a giant roller derby/paintball facility.

    Miss Violet

    1. I'd go to play paintball there, and I've never played.


  2. It is through internationalism that the enemies of liberty implement their agenda.

    They cannot empower the EPA enough for their environmental fascism agenda, so they use Agenda 21 instead.

    They see the Global Arms Trade Treaty as a way for severely restricting guns, counting on a myth (the myth that the Treaty Clause elevates treaties above the Constitution).

    The UN is voting on whether ti police the internet. http://helenair.com/business/technology/a-battle-for-internet-freedom-as-un-meeting-nears/article_94a9e775-abe6-53e7-a2c9-0aebdc4152b9.html

    The Law of the Sea Treaty will

    1. Seremzh: Thank you for pointing out the myth of Treaties over-ruling the Constitution! So few people understand that fact, I should probably post on the topic.


  3. Most "conspiracy theories" are conspiracy fact today, for those who care to do their research. I have, and I see what is REALLY happening as a result.

  4. I'm sure the U.N. is enboldened byObama's desire to make America subservient to its various agendas. He has probably promised them that he will be "more flexible" when he gets "re-elected".


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