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Friday, July 6, 2012

Arizona: More appealing every week...

They are considering state legislation that will permit voters to dismiss FedGov laws that they feel are unconstitutional.

Hello 9th & 10th!

You folks in Arizona have no salt water for me, too much heat for me, though I really, really enjoyed Flagstaff in the spring...

Here's the link.



  1. The heat is basically no factor in the mountains, and--though we may not have salt water--we have more fresh water than people think, and lots of fun things to do with it.

    If liberty is to be reborn, it will happen in the West...and most likely, the Southwest. That's the main reason I moved here.

  2. K,

    You are welcome in AZ anytime. It is desolate, isolated (at least where I am) and for the most part inhospitable; just the way we like it! Come join us in the land of the free!


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