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Friday, July 6, 2012

The time nears to STFU and Do It!

In DC at the Liberty Congress we will discuss the mechanics of recovering Liberty in America, and restoring the republic. No fancy gimmicks. No cloak & dagger BS that amounts to little more than boys playing with one another in fantasyland.

Forget all the complex schemes and 4GW elaborate silliness. We have not the time, the resources or the infrastructure to play Dungeons & Dragons in this fight for Liberty.

When the time comes to do a thing, you simply do it. When the time comes to kill a thing, you just man up, walk to the thing, and kill it.

Enough of this pandemic of circle-jerking.

Count how many times you read in media that we are a democracy, and how often you hear politicians from boths sides of the aisle proclaim this and that about our democracy. How many children in school are taught about our democracy? How often is this fallacy re-inforced by Enemies of Liberty seeking to make the lie concrete in the minds of the masses.

Democracy is good.

Every man gets his say!

You and I know it is nothing but Mob Rule. And no matter how often you politely correct people who refer to America as a democracy to the fact that we are supposed to be following the model of a republic, nothing will change in their minds. First, they will think you are incorrect, because everyone else says it is a democracy. Second, they will not want to believe you. Afterall, in a republic their voice, in their mind, will not count. People tend to strongly avoid that which they do not understand, and you know as well as do I that 95% of Americans are unable to articulate the difference between a democracy and a republic.

For you folks who advocate winning hearts and minds by educating people - bless you. But be realistic. If every Patriot were able to convert even 1 person each day, there are millions of children and college kids being educated far more effectively every single day in the re-education facilities called schools and colleges.

If you want Liberty there are Hard Things in your future. You will be labeled a criminal, a terrorist, extremist, and in fact you will be a breaker of many laws.

If you want Liberty there is only one answer, because the people who do not want Liberty outnumber you, have put in place laws and machinations of Government and society to prevent you from reaching your goal.

If you want Liberty you will band together with like-minded people and force the people who do not want Liberty to leave, just as did our Founding Generation.

Every war is about purging and/or subjugating people who disagree. There is nothing complex about the root motives in war. You want X and they want Y. When talking breaks down, one side opts to submit, or pick up weapons.

If you want Liberty, talking is over. The problem is that the Enemies of Liberty do not fear you, do not respect you, do not think you are any impediment to their goals.

And they may not be wrong.

Consider this recent post: Independence Day & Simple Truths

This from Curtis, here.

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You have a decision to take: Will you submit, even if you mask your submission in tough rhetoric? Will you counsel your children to go with the flow so they can have some chance at getting through their lives without a boot on their necks?

If you take the decision to follow our Founding Generation and evict the Enemies of Liberty, the window of opportunity is closing.



  1. LET THE SIGNING OF THIS (UN Small Arms) TREATY BE A GENERAL CALL TO ARMS - that should it be executed without the will and consent of the People of these several States, that the People must and shall immediately and henceforth withdraw all consent to be governed by such a caste of self-serving tyrants, and to plainly declare that said caste of tyrants are beyond any authority, law, or protection of our Constitution, for they have forsaken it’s blessings, and waged war against it, and against the People whose shelter it has been and shall continue to be.

  2. Not submitting has been my general MO for a long time...

  3. The first thing that photo made me think of was the circular firing squad right here in the pro-liberty movement.


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