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Saturday, July 7, 2012

DC Heat & Humidity today: Nucking Fasty

Holly and I were in town this afternoon for a little business a few blocks from the White House. I am a DC guy, born, raised, and lived most of my life in this area (except for a few years in Venice Beach to take advantage of the groundfighting skills offered in nearby Torrance, and a bit of Aiki & swordplay just a few miles from my place in Venice). I am used to DC's patented Hazy, Hot & Humid weather pattern that usually sets in around July 4th and breaks in early September.

But this is just plain yucky.

Anyway: We placed a big Condor order that they have already started processing.

They have the Model 163 sling packs available for public sale now, and I ordered a half dozen. This is a first class pack for use as a tactical Go Bag. It is sleek, low profile, sling pattern (which I prefer for my tactical bags) with loops for adding whatever you want on the outside. I set this particular Go Bag up for up to 72 hours of offensive or defensive tactical action, while living off enemy essentials - not for surviving a weather event or a power outage. I am including a full breakdown in our SHTF project.

If you want one or two (Holly's rig is identical to mine) get your order in at IIIGear.

Most outstanding orders are out of my shop and in the pipeline for delivery. My personal mail to the house & shop has been very unusual and spotty since the storms last week (big chunks of real estate still without power) and I think UPS and USPS were impacted pretty significantly. So give your package a few extra days to arrive.

I thank all of you for the support. As you know every dime goes into the 527, and as I have warned everyone, I am NOT running the 527 sales (Condor, KA-BAR, Cold Steel, US Palm, shirts) like a business. You can find the same items cheaper elsewhere, and you can get them delivered faster from other places. Thank you for understanding that fact and not breaking balls over waiting periods. I do want to get to the point where I can keep a few units of every item on my shelf so as soon as you order I can ship, but we are not there yet. Right now I have a few of our best selling KA-BARS, Condor Packs and Cold Steel blades, stickers, patches (I'm completely out of shirts, but the printer has the order) on the shelf, but certainly not every item.

By the way, I am wicked pleased with the engraving that was done on the KA-BARs, and all of our blades will be going there in the future. The work was done by a shop owned by a Patriot blogger (his son did the work), and I will post a proper endorsement in a few days, once all of you have rec'd your KA-BARs so you can see what I am talking about and you can weigh in. They do work on AR's, pistols, et cetera, and I can commend them without reservation. Every aspect of the process, from supplying them with an idea of what I wanted, to getting the work done, the professionalism of the finished product, and even the customer service aspects of getting them back to my shop was all first rate.

More later.

If you are looking to order Condor, here's the link.


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  1. It was our pleasure to do the engraving. I will relay this to Chris.


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