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Saturday, July 7, 2012

IRS Boots & HealthCare

Already the tough talk and foolish rhetoric has begun in our community regarding the news that IRS will be hiring more Agents to enforce ObamaCare.

I hope you do not think they will send a Kill Team into your home for failing to surrender the proper remittance on April 15th to cover your nut. It is possible in the opening days they may make an arrest or two, or even burn down a house or two of those who squeal the loudest in protest. PR, don't ya know.

But as a practical matter, anyone who has ever seriously butted heads with IRS will tell you, they do not need to flash a badge, knock on your door, or clear leather to earn the capitulation of 99.9% of those who owe the tax.

You see, they will simply add it to withholding, making your employer the collector.

If they choose to make it a payment due on April 15th and you fail to remit, they will simply send a letter to your employer and tell him to hold all of your paychecks and send the money to IRS Central on your behalf. You'll be cut from the equation. Oh, you think you'll outwit them and simply get another job? Good luck. You'll be un-employable, with a check mark next to your name and all potential employers will know better than to deal with a person who makes trouble with IRS. Employers simply don't need the headache.

Oh, you'll finally open your own business and duck them? Good luck opening that business bank account. Good luck getting a Merchant Account to accept credit cards from your customers. Forget auto loans, college loans, or any other transaction on the grid, because most such transactions today already require you to provide tax returns for the last 3 years. Haven't filed? No candy for you.

Folks, the Revenuer Man doesn't need to risk walking up into the holler anymore.

Your boss will not stand with you against IRS.

Pay attention, folks. They do not need to pat you down to empty your pockets and deny you access to society to earn a living. They'll simply let you starve to death as an example. You'll be an untouchable.

Please do not rant and rave about how they'd better pack a lunch if they want your money. Please don't wail and rail about how you will never obey and how you will take a dozen with you.

Perhaps when you write it may be more beneficial to consider the writings of our Founders, who did not write or speak of Kill 'em all & let God sort 'em out avenues of redress, essentially until the fighting had already begun. You will remember that Patrick Henry did not give his Liberty or Death speech until blood had been spilled.

They did not puff. They did not offer hollow rhetoric. They really didn't offer much in the way of threats and bravado, until they had begun slitting throats.

A dog that barks too often reveals his fear. The dangerous ones rarely bark more than once...

Here's an IRS story.



  1. Well said as usual. I'll add that if you already have a business and the accounts that go with one you know they have full access to all of it 24-7.

    Click. Done.


  2. You are correct. Except for the occasional high profile trophy enforcement
    raid put on for the benefit of the MSM the tax man will do his damage from afar. They can destroy quite efficiently using only the computer on their desk and the US Mail.

    Which means one will have to go to them since they won't come around to offer themselves up for sacrifice. Start your recon and intel activities now.
    Learn who works for the IRS, where they live etc.etc. Learn where the offices are, learn all you can now and start making your plans to respond to them.
    Rule 1 is never fight them on their terms, make the fight happen on your terms. Remember.... you can fly a plane into anIRS building if you wish.
    but there are plenty of other ways to give the taxman cause to sleep poorly at night.

  3. Mr. K,

    A friend of mine failed to pay IRS their tribute upon his success at day trading. This failure to pay occured some years ago. Well....IRS went after him a couple years ago assessing him penalties and interest of more than 20 times what he had earned. MORE THAN TWENTY TIMES ! IRS has taken everything he has owned and earned and they're not done yet.

    IRS tracked down an IRA he had IN CANADA. Friend had more than 70k US in his Canadian IRA. The Canucks graciously allowed a foreign country, the USA, to take every cent of his Canadian IRA.

    BTW....he WAS paid a visit recently, by 2 IRS thugs, with one brandishing a 14-inch shotgun aimed directly at him from 6 feet away. IRS thugs WILL come at us armed.

    So, you are correct on every facet of your essay. However, I don't believe your chastising of those discussing "going to guns" is applicable. Simply because those folks are bitterly frustrated and rightfully so.

    Voting won't improve life here. Romney will not abolish the IRS. Romney will not tariff everything coming to these shores from foreign lands. Romney will not pull 2 ID from Korea and use them to shut down the Mexican border. Romney will not abolish obamatax. Romney will not work to eliminate life-long appointments of SCOTUS and every other black-robed federal bastard.

    Truly, there is only one thing that will change the course this country is flowing in....lead and hemp. Lead and hemp.

    There WILL come a time when the frustration turns to action. It won't be at the ballot box either.

    So, allow me to ask your faithful readers a question: "Why are you proud to call yourself an American" ?


    1. Dan: First point - I know very well Mittens will not do anything for Liberty. Period.

      Second - I said in the essay that IRS will make a few raids for PR purposes, but they never need to leave the office. Anyone who chooses 2A as self defense is in their Rights, obviously.

      Conversations about "going to guns" are fine, if they are serious and imminent. But when none of the people talking have any real intention of meeting and acting, that becomes our marketing message, and it sucks.

      My point: We have so many people in our community who constantly make threats, spout at the mouth (keyboard) about how they will defend X, take out Y, employ their whiz-bang skills and crush Government attempts to enforce, yet noone does anything. They sit and they type, and they talk smack.

      That kind of talk when coupled with years and years of inaction proves that the talkers are not serious people. We have a lot of talkers, and as a result of inaction, the Liberty Movement is (rightly) seen as a bunch of bluster, and not taken seriously.

      Talking about prepping, discussing tactics and weapons are all excellent. Even discussing trigger points and tactics is great. I have no problem, for instance, with the recent discussions at WRSA about how to build caltrops and how to negotiate and employ obstacles from Treaded.

      That isn't the problem. The problem is bullshit posts and comments when people boldly puff "I will not obey" (and then they obey) or "It is time to hang them all!" (Yet noone ever even buys the rope).

      You've seen this at least as many times as I have: Comment #1: I'm ready to go hang them all in DC!!! Is it time yet?

      Reply #1 "I'm ready too rah rah!!! We'll kill 'em all and Liberty is ours!"

      Reply #2 "Hells Yeah!!! Those jack-booted thugs better pack a lunch, because we are invinsible!!"

      Then they go have dinner, and have the same conversation again tomorrow.

      Do you see my distinction?

      And I'll be the first to answer your question: I am proud to call myself an American because I know what it means to revere Liberty as a member of the only Tribe in History to have (originally) embodied its laws and Government with that mandate. Just because Bad People are ruining that doesn't mean I do not respect our roots. I am an American and I still fly the Stars & Stripes, not because of what Bad People have done to injure our ideals and symbols, but in spite of those Bad People.

      It may be time for me to write a post about the rah rah corps...


    2. Meh. 30 years of seeing and hearing thousands and thousands of tantrums become really disappointing.

      30 years of that roving line in the sand.

      We'll show them! When our and our childrens hands a feet are fettered with chains, we'll threaten them with our tongues!

      One day, they will cut out your tongues.

      And still, all we will get is a bunch of ugh, ugh, ugh, pfffft...

    3. Mr. K,

      As always I appreciate your comments and perspective. You're wise. You're articulate.

      I cannot say I am proud to be an American. That pride died with the continuing attacks by politicians and Federal judiciary four years ago.

      Americans today are not of the brand who stood at Concord and Lexington. They are not of the brand who marched to their deaths at Bataan. Nor are they of the brand who stood for months at Khe Sanh. The bulk of Americans today are greedy, ignorant, indifferent parasites who gladly follow socialism and Marxism rather than Freedom and Liberty. They denounce Christianity and Judism. They have become pagans. They continue to elect leaders at every level who take from their citizens more and more each day. Our police have become no less than enemy soldiers armed and equipped for battle rather than community police efforts and maintaining the peace. We have American citizens who entire purpose is to do nothing more than harass American citizens in the guise of safety., i.e., the DHS and their TSA....to name a couple. Today the United States is embroiled in a minimum of three wars without Congressional approval. The United States has become imperialistic and tyrannical. Both to sovereign nations across the globe and against it's very own citizen.

      No Mr. K, I am not proud of being an American. I will not fly an American flag. I will not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Those that do, that is their decision. But I will not support my country that has come to more represent Adolf Hitler's Germany and Josef Stalin's Soviet Union.

      I enjoy your words of wisdom and your perspective on issues. Thank you for this forum that allows various opinions.

      DAN III

    4. Dan: YOU are one of those Americans who is of the brand found at Lexington & Concord, as are many of the people in our community.

      That is why I am proud. We do still exist.

      And remember, John Parker had many Colonists who stood opposed to him, who advocated for the King, who wanted the Stamp Act and other forms of Tyranny. Bad People will always be among us.

      So long as there are a few like us keeping the ideal alive and fighting to restore Liberty, there is reason for pride. You are American. Those who are ruining the republic are not. They are not our people.


    5. Mr. K,

      The more I read from you the more I compare your writing to that of Mr. Patrick J. Buchanan.

      Thanks for your response to my comments.

      DAN III

  4. Reading that post gave me chills. Not because it isn't something I didn't already know, but the way you presented it K, just brought it all into the big picture and it gave me the creepy feeling that we are all being herded to one kill spot.

    Miss Violet

  5. It gets even worse. Obamacare was based off of Romneycare, which was based on a concept developed by the Heritage Foundation and Newt Gingrich. The Law And Order Republicans fabricated the original murder weapon and it was in 1994 cheered by the the NRA Crowd/Law and Order Republicans for being an alternative to Hillary Clinton's single payer system.

    The inspiration for it was the Dutch healthcare system, which is entirely privatized with the exception that it is a requirement to purchase health insurance. Many Americans will get used to it, just as the Dutch did and now swear by it.

    The only reason there is any measure of resistance and outrage right now is because the collectivists ramming their agenda faster than people can be conditioned.


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