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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Amateur Radio

**UPDATE** My sincere thanks to everyone who has written in and offered services.  I need to clarify what we need.  We need one of you guys or gals who understand Comms, from a hand-held Icom that may reach a few miles, to a base station that can reach around the world, to write 600-1200 words starting at a 3rd grade level and finishing at a point where the average Patriot knows enough to start doing some real research.  If you're not a great writer, no worries, we'll tighten it up.  I want to publish it in the Media Kit for III Arms/III Citadel in a few weeks.

If you can do that, I'd appreciate it.  I know most of you Comms guys would have to slow down to reverse to be so basic, but that's what many of us need - and we need more than Wiki offers.



As we are putting the final touches on the Citadel website and we've launched the Congress site, we are able to begin turning our attention to the III Media Kit that will showcase not only III Arms and the Citadel, but also III Gear, the Congress, the political philosophy of the III and more.

I'd like to have one of our readers who really knows the topic to write a piece for us on amateur/ham radio and their tactical/strategic value.  It will require a writing style as if you are speaking to a smart 3rd grader.  For instance, is Ham the same as Amateur?  Benefits of handheld versus base station.  Differences between HF and UF, et cetera.

Start with the basics and give a tactical fire Team what they need to decide if amateur radio is something that should be worked into the Go package.

Drop me an email or answer here if you have what it takes to write such an article for publication, and if you have time.

The media kit will be magazine format, high-gloss at about 16 pages with a series of articles explaining who and what we are as well as some practical information.  These media kits will be distributed by our Gun Show tour staff to help spread our name in the general gunner community.

By the way: We are still taking names and subscriptions for the III Congress.  We have more than 40 of us thus far in about 24 hours.  We'd like to really get things started properly ASAP.  Our enemies are working 24/7, we'd better be working just as hard.  Please drop in, sign the oath and give PayPal your details (or send silver or a check.money order, instructions are there), then we will set about the task of figuring out who wants to be a voting member versus simply a member of the III. Remember that you may use your real name or a pseudonym at this point.

And remember why we are doing this...III to III.

Here's the link.



  1. you may use........a pseudonym at this point.

    Silly me, but I don't get it.

    1. Some people who are signing to oath over at IIICongress.blogspot.com don't want their real names out in the world just yet, so we are permitting folks to use pseudonyms.


  2. If you can stand a tip from a "troll", here's a site that should get you and everyone else started:



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