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Monday, December 10, 2012

Key West Fanboys

**UPDATE**  Well folks, the pair of filth in Key West sent me a "Cease & Desist" in EMAIL!!!! and promised a lawsuit would follow if I persisted.  So much for a lawsuit being imminent.  I'm kinda sad.  Then they whined to Wordpress and had the site taken down - I didn't close it.  So I guess I'll just have to keep going elsewhere.

Still having fun Mark & Carol?  You started this - I decide when it ends.


Yes, some of you have written about the new site especially for my stalkers from Key West.

You know - the overly-fascinated old guy with a man-porn fetish and the potty mouth - but no spine to even walk to the corner.

It's not for my regular readers.  Seems the 'fraidy cat from Key West with a fetish for big scary words and dildos and homosexuality-based pornography has taken to devoting nearly every single waking moment and post at his site to me.  Though I did notice one for Bill recently!  I'm a gracious host, didn't want to be impolite, so I built one for him and his female in return. 

Interesting though, she closed her primary blog and is trying to hide elsewhere.

Imagine that.

Anyway, there's the story for the Key West blog on the sidebar, no need to waste your time.  Just some of my daily K duties.



  1. Well done Sam!



  2. Hey Mozart, the suit will include anyone advocating Sammy's conduct.

    1. Oh Carol - PLEASE bring your suit and don't make this just another bit of hyperbole from you two.

      Please give me a shot at your eDiscovery. Please give me a chance to show the garbage Firestone and you have, especially all the icorrect FACTS from the beginning of your slanders. PLEASE give me the place to demonstrate where you, and where Firestone, libeled ME - HA!!! A feat only the terminally STUPID could achieve.

      PLEASE let the counter-suits from quarters you can only dream about come to life. PLEASE bring it all. Then we'll talk about the ethical behavior of an officer of the court harassing and slandering people and companies with your Bar.

      I freakin' BEG you.

      Your man has a very unhealthy fascination with me and hasn't relented in MONTHS.

      You silly people amuse the hell out of me.

      PLEASE give me the chance to reveal your idiocy in open court!!!


    2. Sadly, Carol and Mark have already admitted the whole lawsuit threat is as vauluable as their word.


      Cowardly Romney Fans.



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