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Monday, December 3, 2012

Street artist behind satirical NYPD ‘Drone’ posters arrested

Why do we need the III Congress?

Remember the guy who was mocking NYPD and their Drone program?  Now he's in the system.  Why?  He dared mock the system, to challenge their legitimacy.

With posters.

Who will help him with legal funds?  If he's married, who's going to help his wife?

If it was you, and you decided to mock your local County PD for some reason, by some means, and they decided you needed a year in the can for it, who'd have your back?  Who'd have your family's back?

What about when it moves beyond posters, and you need a Safe House, or a network of Patriots to keep you off the radar?  And an organization of people to stand up and justify whatever it is you had done in the name of Liberty.

What if you and some pals burn the Gaspee?  What if you and some pals take the country back to the Boston Tea Party?  What if you and some pals...

If we are not going to challenge the system, screw it.  If we are not going to cover the backs of the guys who are challenging the system, screw it.  In a few days we've had nearly 60 Patriots take the oath.  We've had far fewer hit that PayPal button.  I know some of you are sending silver.

But let me be blunt: Even with 300 members, the Congress would only be dropping $3k per month into the pot.  In a year we'd have about $30K.  How much lawyer do you think $30k buys?

If we are going to do this, then let's do this.

III Congress.



  1. Kerodin, you are right - delay and stuttering are not viable options... today $60.00 goes to you via M.O. and the remainder for the 12mo period will be presented at our meet up. i once heard that money talks, BS walks... as you said, "let's do this"

  2. This guy (at least his action)should be an inspiration to Patriots everywhere. I know hes given me some ideas.
    I dont do Paypal, but the check is going in the mail today. Thanks for taking point once again, K.

    1. Yes, He is brilliant. Ive spent alot of time myself brainstorming on how to send a message like that peacefully, but at the same time defiantly. I'm beginning to think underground newspaper, mixed with his style. I wish there was a way for me to help this guy out.

  3. I sent a check for the full year.

    This is one of the best ideas thus far.

    C'mon people. Budget the ten bucks and participate.

  4. The III Congress got some free air time on PA American Patriot Radio this past saturday night. Just a few sound bites, all good.


    It's a small local station that only broadcasts for about 20 miles but I do know Liberty Tree radio caries thier show. They have a live , three hour show every saturday. They discribe the show as ,and I quote,

    " News with a touch of comedy? or Comedy with a touch of news?
    We leave that decision to you the listener...
    We aren't called the Three Stooges of the Apocalypse for nothing!!!!!"

    They are how I found III arms and the citadel.

    The point of my post is, that to help spread the word far and wide and to help make it feel more real, the III Congress, Citadel, IIIArms ... need a voice attached to them. They each need a spokesperson that can do interviews on other media.

    The word is getting out, do you all want the first impressions to be the words and voice of someone that is not part of it?

    Just my thoughts

  5. III Citadel got a mention on JW Rawles blog today in the "News From the American Redoubt" section...


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