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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gun Show Reports: What did you see today?

What did you find at the shows today?

Fighting pistol ammo & prices:
Fighting mags & prices:
AR lowers/uppers/prices:

General opinion: Is the mad rush over, or are people still buying anything they can find?



  1. Local shop today to hand out some cards and pick up a box. Wall to wall customers, a little on the walls and in racks, but still more than I expected.

    These folks do 2$+M a year in sales easily, and are supplied regularly as their name in way up on the list. But I could have purchased all their ammo they had left with what I had in my pocket.

    Their pistol case is spread out so thin you only saw a sea of red cloth under the selection of pistols they had left. A decent selection of hunting rifles, a few shotguns, and even a few EBR's in stock, but they won't be in for long since they came in yesterday. The jig is still profitable, but for how much longer is anyone's guess. They are better supplied than most, and the place had that hollow echo.

    There were also more people behind the counter than I could count. Used to be 2 or 3 on a heavy day. Today there were at least 7, and all of them working customers.

  2. I found this at TEOTWAWKI blog - I'm not sure what part of the world he lives in, tho. But it certainly looks the same as WV.

    Shop #1 was busy, and had decent stock, but nothing Glock in 9mm, only one or two ARs at around $2000 each - but at least they were high end ARs. Ammo was low/out unless you were shopping for .40 S&W. No magazines, really. Prices were a bit on the high side, but not unreasonable.

    Shop #2 was the busiest gun shop/range I've ever been to - and they'd just opened for the day. Not a big shop, and there were like 40+ people cramming inside - most wanting to hit the shooting range. Prices at this place are usually well north of the high side, and they've gone nuts with pricing since the start of the panic. They had Glock 19s in stock, but for ~$700 out the door. Several Palmetto State, bare bones ARs in stock for $2000. Khan Glock magazines for $50 a pop. Ammo was low/out unless you were looking for the crappy range ammo they use. I'm probably not going back here any time soon.

    Here's the link: http://teotwawkiblog.blogspot.com/2013/02/gun-shop-cruisin.html


  3. I too have two different shop experiences.

    #1 with range didn't have any 9mm range ammo as they had in the past. So we were stuck shooting the .380. I was buying up some of their American Eagle OTM. They were limiting 2 boxes per customer per day. So, I had some friends willing to get me two. About 2-3 weeks ago and haven't been since. Maybe I'll take a ride today and see.

    #2 went yesterday(2/8/13)and their policy now for ammo is only if you're buying a gun. I can see their logic because why would I as a new gun buyer want a gun if I can't get ammo for it. I bought some ammo cans for $15.99 which used to be $10.00. I guess they have to make it up somewhere. They've always been expensive regarding their weapons. So there's still some shotguns, Henry rifles, and some bolt actions.

  4. I'm still waiting on my intel to come in, but my buddy that sells stuff at gun shows (not firearms yet), has indicated in the past that the whole thing is busier than a one-legged man attempting to win an ass-kicking contest. He's self-assured that he sucks at marketing, but he's doing well regardless.

    Of course, I'm sure all those people are buying guns so they can dutifully turn them in when a new law is passed....right? I still have trouble parking at the liquor store down here until it's after hours at the gun store next door. It's a metropolitan area, but the place stays swamped when they are open. Pisses me off; I gotta wait until after 8:00 to get my essentials.


  5. speaking of gun shows,,i live in idaho,and around 2 years ago idaho passed a law that if firearms or amunition is made in the state of idaho it is excempt from federal regulation period,[in state only] montana has the same law also,i have reloaded for myself and others for over 30 years now,,i am thinking of starting a ammunition for sale, buisness,,only thing is certianly need a good brass supply,,


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