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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Citadel: Clarification

I need to clarify my post below from yesterday, and the poll on the right.

We are specifically looking for about 2 dozen people/families who are ready to move and either begin their own business or work with Miller.

Keep sending me emails, I'm dropping the poll - it doesn't give me the detail we need.

**NOTE** Of particular value is ANYONE who currently has or can immediately apply for their 06FFL for ammunition.  There will NOT be a big, fancy set up right away, but the entire project (and you) would benefit with an 06.

If you have been thinking of helping Miller get III Arms off the ground and are ready/willing to move as soon as this summer, or you are ready to move and you have the financial ability to launch your own business, let me know by email: Kerodin@Kerodin.com - what you plan to do, how many in the family, age ranges, et cetera.

It's Go Time, folks.


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  1. This is gonna sound really really strange, but as I read the post above just now I remembered something about this. Stay with me here, but several years ago there was some site or blog or something that posted a prophecy about you and this community. I am not shitting you, I am racking my brain now to try and find it. If I find it I will shoot it to you. I know this seems bizzaro and off the wall, but I will prove it when I find it.


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