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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eyes & Muzzle: Always the same point

I had a fair question raised in comments the other day about the time I spend on CQB when so many Patriots have never stepped on a dojo mat and have no experience with close-quarters reality.

My answer is simple: Most fights get to CQB range in fewer than seconds, and most are decided in fewer than 3 seconds from the moment of contact.  If you are at contact range and you don't end him in 3 seconds or fewer, he'll have the advantage faster than you can blink.  And, most of my life experience is CQB - not rifle range contact.

But one would be mistaken to conclude that Japanese Masters neglect CQB shooting techniques in training some of their students.  Don't bother to google it - you won't find them.  You'll need a decade under your belt and at least 2 references.

The image above is one most NRA trained shooters have seen before, or something like it.

Now, want the truth?

When it happens for real, at CQB or contact range, with adrenaline dumping through every nook and cranny of your physiology, when you are reduced to tunnel vision, muffled sounds only in your ears, When you are more likely to be using your body as a weapon as much as your pistol or burpgun, you'll be lucky if you remember you have a front sight on your rock-chucker. 

After the first few such events, the tunnel vision fades and the hearing remains acute.  If you have survived this long you've learned to forget what you learned at NRA school (if you're still alive) and you realize that you train eye-hand coordination: Everywhere your eyes go, your muzzle goes in absolute sync.  That is your new religion. 

Why don't LEO Stacks train that way?  Why don't .mil Fire Teams train that way?

Because LEO and .mil - particularly LEO, has been convinced of his invincibility and that the men at his back will cover him.  Let's face a real and simple fact - most LEO, especially the SWAT/Suarez types, have never run an op against a seriously trained and prepared opponent.

Be that guy.

Where your eyes go, your muzzle sweeps and you fire.  Do NOT get hung up on that front sight.

It's called instinctive shooting in some circles.  It's called point shooting in others.

Where I learned - it was just called CQB shooting.

It works - far more often than the NRA style.

And shooting with 2 hands, in different directions, at different targets using peripheral vision...not yet, Grasshopper.

When you can grab the man you are about to shoot, and he can press his muzzle to your body, you need to know much more than sight picture.

How do I know?

That's about all I have to say about that...



  1. In the words of the Master, Col. Jeff Cooper:
    "Front sight, press. Front sight, press. Front sight....."

  2. Kerodin,

    this is a little off topic, but please keeping reading. I work in the over the road diesel repair industry and mainly with the Navistar platform and Maxforce engines.
    The DHS just purchased 2700 of those MRAP armored vehicles made by Navistar or International. Those engines are plagued with disign failures and recalls on the EGR (exhuast gas relays) DPF's (diesel particulate filter) regen issues and many other problems. The Maxforce engines are also prone to drop valves and have Air Conditioning failures (its gonna get a little hot for the gestapo inside the MRAP with all that body armor)

    When the DHS goes house to house to pick up your guns and round people up for the re-education camps, I know half of those 2,700 MRAPS will be in a repair shop like mine waiting in line for two weeks for repairs, computer updates and parts. NO I am not making this up, the Navistar platform is the worst over the road diesel on the market with the worst engine. I heard in 2014 they will go back to the Cummins ISX engine, but the DHS will have the Maxforce diesel, abousoulutly the worst engine availible.

    Kerodin, you have no clue how bad off those trucks are. We fix a truck, and a week later that truck is back in the shop for another problem. Ironically many of the proplems are the EPA mandated bullshit the diesels have to have that lead to many of the problems. This will turn into a logistical nightmare for the feds, goverment cancelling goverment out.

    Ironic is'nt it.


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