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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This day sucked...

Anyone who has ever lived in or near DC knows that when the weatherman says "...it might snow a flurry or two next month..." there is a run on every sheet of toilet paper and gallon of milk within a 250 radius.  Yes, there is a conspiracy theory about the weathermen and the chain stores, but that's another issue.

And that's when I was a kid.

I'm not a kid anymore, and the general IQ in the area has drastically degenerated over the last 40 years.  I had to work beyond my home office today - not a chore I enjoy anymore.  Here's the worst part - about 25 of you who ordered AR Mags late last week got screwed by UPS and this storm.  I was in the office - 2 were processed, and the driver announced he was pulling out to make it to the airport.  The guy at the counter told me to tell you all that you can expect serious delays - apparently this storm is packing a punch and screwing with their infrastructure across the middle of the country.

I got 29 other packages out at the Post Office before that - which means my storage facility is still holding about 50 that will go out after the storm passes.  Normally, that'd be Thursday - and it still may be.  The variable is that in the middle of the aftermath of this storm (Thursday morning) - which most indicators suggest is worthy of buying toilet paper and milk (we lose power in the DC area pretty easily) - is that Holly, Jim and I have a meeting for 10am in the heart of real DC - that place where real DC power resides.

Yes, it may impact the Citadel, Idaho, and Texas, it may impact III Arms, and it may not. 

We shall see.

But I ask you all to understand that your stuff is coming, but between weather and my must-do schedule, I may not get the last package out the door until Friday.  I wouldn't have even mentioned the meeting at this point except to explain why some gear is going to be a few days behind schedule.


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