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Monday, May 20, 2013

As a subspecies of Humans, we Americans deserve what is coming...

There is a story at Drudge that articulates why America is in rapid decline, why America must endure the imminent trials by fire, and why we deserve to be snuffed from existence if we do not prevail and reclaim our place as the Leaders of Mankind, those Humans rightfully entitled to claim that we are better than all other Tribes.

Yes, I do think Americans are better than other Tribes - at least we used to be. 

The culture of Man required to create the DoI, Constitution and BoR is a higher breeding of the Human animal.  "Average" men existed for countless generations and never reached such practical, moral utility in their Tribe.  No other Tribe was ever able to bring an "America" into existence and solidify those ideals at such a high level.  No other Tribe has since surpassed our Founding Generation, either (our own included - we have not produced a generation of men equal to that of our Founders.)  You and I live in a time when we may watch the pinnnacle of Human society be murdered and slipped into the waters of the abyss. 

Either we will exert ourselves and cull our herd, or we will be drawn down into the mediocrity of Humanity by the lowest among us.

Here's the story from right here in DC:  A kid riding his bicycle is taken down by 3 Pit Bulls and is being killed.

At least 3 grown men leap over fences, away from the child being killed.

1 man goes into his home, comes back, and begins shooting the dogs with an "unregistered" handgun.

A local LEO hears the shots and arrives on scene, and helps in killing the dogs.

Kid is mauled up a bit, but will live. (and surprisingly not hit by any bullets)

And what is Society's reward for the one man who took action to save the life of a child being killed by animals?  Washington DC graciously chooses not to press gun charges on the man, yet does fine him $1,000. (He faced up to seven "criminal" charges)

He faced more potential prison time than the man who owned the dogs and failed to keep the child and neighborhood safe.

The men who bailed over fences faced no charges, obviously.  Being a physical or moral coward is repugnant, but not illegal.

Grown men are witness to a child being killed by dogs - and 75% (or more) of those men flee.  That is not good for the American gene pool, and I dare say there was a time when that would not have happened.

Any society that permits cowardice to be in the majority and punishes the Hero does not deserve to exist, and is certainly incapable of existing at Liberty.  And to be fair, shooting dogs who are mauling a child should not rise to the level of heroism - it should be common sense, and treated as such by our society. 

If we do not rid our American Tribe of all the animals and clinically stupid people unsuited for Liberty - quadrapeds and bipeds - we deserve what is coming.

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  1. At one time, that was the required prescription.
    The same went for chicken killers and egg suckers, not to mention mad dogs.
    If you didn't have a gun, you went and got a neighbor to do it.

    I wouldn't even hesitate to shoot a dog mauling someone, several times. If the owner got in my face about it I would slap the taste out of their mouth.

  2. being a father of 5 and a grfather of 12, i'd have to say if i was THAT father i'd, at bare minimum, help with $$$ toward the $1,000 fine and replace his ammo... likely have him to the house for dinner, maybe with his family to thank him and them for the man he is... as for the 2 cowards: be sure you stay clear of my street because my responses to your sorry excuses for humanoid, bone-filled skin sacks would for sure not be as amicable...

    Prepping Preacher


  3. Yea and the big problem will be getting rid of the stupid in the patriot community...It seems like others do not understand rightful liberty at all...They rant and rave about the government not helping out enough when that isn't what the government is suppose to be about...Or they rage at price gouging when that the way free markets work..Ahh if only we had to worry about stupid liberals life would be so much easier..


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