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Monday, May 20, 2013

Fighting Impaired

SF Medic has cobbled together a useful set of links about how to get out of wrist restraints.  Be sure to scroll down his main page and look at the links on other topics.

You do train in CQB once in a while in restraints, right?

You do train once in a while to get your hands from behind your back to your front, right?  (The best method: Don't let your hands get restrained in the first place, but let's face facts - anyone, and I mean  a n y o n e can get bum-rushed, over-whelmed and hog-tied.  So give up the macho and work on escape techniques.)

You do train in CQB once in a while with one arm impaired and out of action, right?  You do train in deploying your sidearm with your off-hand once in a while, right?  You do run a drill once in a while with your strong arm disabled and your only weapon is an AR, right?

Of course you do.

And if you sign up for one of my CQB classes, you will.  I'll bring the restraints and the Blue Gun trainers.

Here's the link to SF Medic.


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