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Monday, July 22, 2013

An Honor bestowed upon me...

This is a close-up of my CQB training pack.  It is filled with Blue Guns, Blue knives, a few live blades, and sundry items.  It goes with me to every CQB class.

Saturday after class, training with Sandman and a pair of Founders who came from considerable distances, Sandman, CO of the Ohio Valley Minutemen, bestowed an honor upon me that I take with abounding pride - honorary membership with his Tribe.  That is the horizontal patch in the pic.  He gave me a second patch sans Velcro that will make it to an appropriate training shirt.

I am humbled to have been accepted by such fine Patriots.  They proudly consider themselves "Hill People", their patriotism and sense of Liberty runs deep, and while I didn't mention it Saturday, my parents and their families come from this general area.  My mother is from the Parkersburg area, and dad hailed from the Bluefield Virginia side of the river. 

To everyone who I met (and met again. like Alan P), my sincere thanks for making my wife and me feel so welcome, and for giving this training such serious commitment.

One final note, at the risk of making Sandman embarrassed, because he is a humble man: Militia Leaders, I encourage you to follow his model.  His people trust and respect him because first and foremost, he cares about them first.  Secondly, he is attempting to shift the paradigm, the negative stereotype that Enemies of Liberty have stigmatized to the word "Militia", and he has done so by standing tall in his community, putting his people to tasks that HELP civilians.  Militia is NOT a dirty or scary word - it is a word filled with history and pride.  Do not allow anyone to take that from our heritage.

End of diatribe. 

That special bottle you folks gifted us - Mrs. Kerodin loves it.  A few sips and it was nighty-night.  ;)

Stay safe.  More later.


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