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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Be this guy...

America once again needs a populace of Minute Men, Patriots who own their own gear, take time to practice the horrible skills of combat on their own time and dime, and stand ready to walk out the door and into a ruckus "...on a minute's notice..."

My advice: Have a Go Bag and weapons selection ready to go at all times, to keep you in the fight without returning to your home, for at least 72 hours.

Obviously, the gear bag a man needs in an Idaho winter from his mountain cabin is different from the kit needed by the suburbanite Patriot outside of Chicago.  But the premise is simple and consistent: Be ready to walk out your door with enough weapons, ammo, water, protein bars, fire-starters, first aid, et cetera, to get you through 72 hours of Hell - WITHOUT having to go back home, thus giving away your base of operations (translation: Your family).

But without a corps of men, we call them III Patriots, who are ready to protect and defend their neighbors, their families, and Liberty in their AO, Evil wins without a struggle.

Be that guy who is ready to go when tyranny makes it time to go.

That is a lot of responsibility.  There is no "I'm a Patriot so buy my AR fund" out there.  We do have Patriots like Wisco Dave who is cutting plate sets and offering them at cost to some, and free to militia.  Take advantage of that long-distance support of other Patriots.  Go to the woods and play hide and seek with your kids.  Go to the range and practice shooting from unusual positions. (I promise you, and prolonged fight WILL have you firing from a position, usually horizontal, that they do NOT teach in Basic).  Take time to go to a fight studio - Krav, Krav, Krav.  Getting sick of me saying it?  I don't make a dime from Krav instructors, I'm trying to help you save your own life.

Ultimately, it is YOUR responsibility.



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  1. Its the drones I fear. If more than two men gather in the woods, you will be found day or night, rain or shine. I know because I was part of hunting out men the same way in the Rangers. The heat the body and gear gives off can be picked up by a chopper a mile out or even a drone. The only way would be to overwhelm them with a 10 to 1 or more of man power. That. Can't watch the entire US at least once yet, but they are working on it. Trust me.


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