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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It was with mixed emotion that I never expected that Holly and I hit the I-15 out of Los Angeles. 

I was last there nearly 20 years ago, and learned a LOT of my martial skills from some of the best in the world in that city.  I lived in Venice Beach, a great place for a single man and his Akita.  The only reason I ever went to L.A. is because I was accepted to a very elite dojo, and while the city is much like DC in that it has something for everyone, I never fell in love with the city, only the martial arts I was learning, and the fun of Venice.

This trip, we met great Patriots and my wife and I were able to spend some time with her sister and family, who lived just 8 blocks from our training location.  It was wonderful to see our niece and nephews after 3 years of missing them (I was not often able to travel with Holly), of watching the sunset from Huntington Beach, and the wonderfully consistent L.A. weather.  My 11-year-old nephew tests for his first black belt in a week or so, and can hip-throw grown men with proficiency that makes me proud.

But in our drive east, back across the deserts and into the mountains of Nevada and Utah, and into the edge of Colorado, I was reminded just how impossible it would be for any single entity to ever control this continent without the consent of the governed.  I also noted again that my assumption of getting outside the "1 tank of fuel range" from any significant city/outer suburb is wise and prudent.

When the SHTF, the cities are going to become apocalyptic No-Go Zones with people reverting to their base nature before reaching outward after picking the city and suburbs clean of bounty and booty.

I settle in for this night with this comforting thought: When SHTF and when those who would be Masters tighten their grip to its maximum, America and Liberty will be better off without those who will die.

We train with Patriots here in Colorado this weekend.

Next weekend we train with Militia and others in WV/Ohio.

~~WV/Ohio Class: If you have not submitted your payment in full to Sandman or me via PayPal, you are late.  Please square this away in the next 36 hours, or we will have to consider your slot closed.

A class is forming in Alabama - email me if interested.  Local Patriots have nearly filled a class, and if you want the training, and want to meet others in your area who see the world as do you, be there!

South Florida is scheduled for August 17.

Dallas and Idaho are on the schedule as well for late August.  If you or your Tribe want to book a class in my path, let me know.


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  1. We made it into and out of the "heart of darkness" on just over a half a tank a gas. Riverside and San Berdoo are half that distance from our AO. A “cleansing” is in order, fortunately there are historic and Biblical examples of that happening, on a side note - anyone interested in a mini ranch on 5 ac in the high desert? looking to relocate to Id.
    Rd III


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