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Monday, July 15, 2013

Because it is time

I never planned to teach fighting skills.  In all my years of training, I never intended to open a dojo or do what I am doing today.  I am here because it is time, there is a need, I have the skills, and I have a stake in the outcome.

To run a modern, financially successful "Dojo" or martial arts studio, you have to specialize in training guys who want to go MMA (and you'd better get a young guy in the cage quickly, with a win), or you have to run a "Belt Factory" that teaches just enough every month to ensure the "Student" pays next months fee, or, even worse, you must resign yourself to essentially running an after-school daycare.  "Daycare Dojos" usually send vans to schools, pick up the little darlin's and *ahem* "Teach" them martial arts until mom or dad pick them up after work.

I'm not built for any of those scenarios, especially the latter.  Dojos have very high turnover rates in most cases.  The "average" student thinks that learning a "Martial Art" will be like going to the gym - FAIL.  The moment they realize that real work is involved, they bail on average within 120 days of their first class.

Until I met Holly, my entire adult life was my training.  I started because I was lippy and small - the two do not mix unless you enjoy taking beatings.  Since shutting my mouth seemed genetically impossible, I had to learn to fight.  I was gifted to live in the DC Metro area where there are (were) several world-class Warriors who teach.  They do not teach "Martial Arts" as much as they teach how to break people.  But after a very short time, the philosophical aspects of several arts captured my mind and heart, and soon I was not training to break people - that became simply a byproduct.  I embraced the traditional codes and morals - and those codes and morals are anti-thetical to running a modern dojo.

In the old days in Japan, many Sensei did not accept monthly fees for training.  If they agreed to teach you at all, the student would usually be required to pay per technique.  Forget different colored belts.  When the Sensei was content you were technically proficient in his art, he would simply hand you a scroll that entitled you to teach.

So, why am I teaching now? 

Look again at the image I selected to header this post.  John Hancock deliberately wrote his name for the symbolism of telling the King that he, Mister Hancock, was done tolerating his authority.

There are good, decent, solid Americans who feel today as did Mister Hancock when he signed that paper.  Scroll several posts down - there is going to be a fight, because today's King(s) and Queen(s) refuse to permit any other outcome.  They are sending forth their swarms to enforce their unconstitutional laws that offend Man and Creator, and the time draws very near when men and women will have two choices: Stand tall and defend the Liberty beneath your feet, or bend knee and lick the hand that feeds you.

I teach today for those who refuse to bend knee.

It is that simple.

There is going to be a fight.  Get over it.  Get ready for it.

One small contribution I can make: I can teach you skills that make your chances of survival slightly improved.  But be warned, if you ever need the skills I teach, you have ALREADY FAILED on several levels.  I have told this to every class I teach.  If you need the CQB skills I teach, you have already failed what was taught to you by your DI in the service, you have failed to learn the lessons of Colonel Cooper.  You have failed to use the skills taught to you by Mosby and Max Velocity and AmMerc and so many other good trainers in the country.  You have failed first in situational awareness.  You have failed to keep that rifle ready to be deployed.  You have failed to get that sidearm into action.  OK - maybe you haven't failed - there are two scenarios where you may need the skills I teach that may not be your fault.  1) The enemy over runs your position and you are suddenly buckle-to-buckle.  2) The enemy has managed to mix into your formation, in a manner that firing at the enemy is dangerous to your fellow troopers.

But usually, if you need to break a man with your hands, it's because you failed to keep that man out of your personal space.

The sad part - Good people are usually the ones who hesitate the longest in a life-or-death, sudden confrontation.  It is not normal for the Good person to walk around looking for danger 24/7.

I teach today because America and Liberty need her modern John Hancocks, Thomas Jeffersons, John Parkers, to stand up and tell the King(s) and Queen(s) to back up.  And if they fail to back up when you tell them with your mouth - then you need to tell them in a language they will understand.

Liberty was won in this country by violence.

It will not continue to survive without defending that Liberty with violence.

Not violence alone - not even our Founders depended solely upon the Kentucky Riflemen in the field.  Nor may we.  But make no mistake - there is going to be a fight.

Keep them at political distances when possible.  Keep the Enemies of Liberty at shouting range, when possible.  Rifle and pistol ranges are regrettable, but our Enemies will decide if that becomes necessary.

And when all else fails, get some skills to pull the life out of your enemies with your bare hands.

It is ugly and hard work - physically and psychically.  But you have the Right to defend your life and Liberty.

That is why I train Patriots.  I hope you never need the skills I teach.

But if you do - win.


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