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Monday, July 15, 2013

Breaking Bread

It has been our experience, in the case of every CQB class to date, that breaking bread with the Patriots in class is rewarding for all involved and takes the experience to another level entirely.

So for every CQB class we host, please know that Holly and I are available to join one, some, or all of the participants in the class for dinner at your local favorite spot the evening of class.  We've found there isn't much time for talk of Patriot issues during class, but sharing a meal and getting to know one another a bit better is an excellent end cap to the experience.  (Of course we all pick up our own checks - not looking for a free meal)

If this fits your plans and/or personalities, great.

If not, that's ok too.  ;)



  1. If you can fit it into your schedule and make it happen logistically, I will host a CQB class in Michigan. I have several of the Tribe that could use it and I have really been wanting to attend one myself. If we can get a few more Michigan or Ohio Patriots to join in we should have a full class. I have the property and the privacy and a shooting range if we desired to train in that aspect after the CQB or even the following day.
    L Smith
    III Congress
    S.E. Michigan

  2. Having meals together is one of the best ways to build comraderie. We do it a lot here in my neck of the woods. The best meals though are the one's I cook. :-)


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