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Monday, July 15, 2013

Colorado AAR

What do you think of when you think "Colorado"?

Mountains, right?  Well, did you know there is a part of Colorado, a large chunk, I might add, that I have forever dubbed "Flat Arse" Colorado?!  Yes.  Yes I have.  It'll be on a map one day, somewhere.  My little family retro milk truck does not like crossing the Rockies on I-70 through Denver.  Since we were in a convenient place to give it a whirl, we decided to use Route 50 to the south of Denver to avoid the mountains that once tried to murder my poor little truck.  Turns out, the Route 50 path was much easier on my vehicle than the Denver route, and we dumped out at Pueblo.

That entire chunk of Colorado from Pueblo to the Kansas state line, I forever dub thee "Flat Arse" Colorado.  I know many of you already knew this, and you don't come to this blog for travel reports, so I'll move along now. 

Our III CQB host this past weekend is a Founder and outstanding Patriot.  He and his wife were wonderful hosts, and we left more than mere allies.  I won't use his name, because I don't think he comments online much.  We'll go with Mr. & Mrs. X - they live on the Western Slope of the Rockies, well removed from the silliness of major cities (and even large towns).  Mr. X has brought more than one trainer from our online community to his home, and invited his Tribe and friends to participate in the learning experiences that otherwise simply can't be found locally.  He even went to the trouble and expense to rent a large canopy tent for the 2 days of training to keep the unusually warm Colorado sun off us all as we trained.

The people Mr. X invited to train are all wonderful, and to give you an idea of how devoted to the cause of "Tribe" is Mr. X - I'd say a majority of the people in attendance have little or no knowledge of the III, though all are patriotic and see the storm clouds.  The group was a mix of youngsters up to 50-somethings, everyone committed 100% to learning, some were white collar and some blue, all were exceedingly kind, smart, and by the end of each day, were in a much better physical and mental place to handle a sudden and uninvited contact. 

We have been convinced that a DVD or some sort of online streaming content of the course for students is a "must-do" item, so they can continue to train, refine skills, build muscle memory.  H and I are working out the details.  This has been a consistent request from each class.  (Holly is adamant that she gets to throw Miller in at least 1 portion of the video - that should be great fun for all.  ;)   

At the close of every class I urge all students to find a Krav studio and commit 6 months - but in this part of Colorado, they simply don't even have a "belt-factory" shopping mall studio - there are - literally - no working martial studios within 2 hours drive.  Upside: One gal in our second day of training has 11 years Aikido, and if they treat her nicely, they can learn a LOT from her.

To our hosts (Mrs. X is as gracious and wonderful as anyone can imagine):  Thank you for taking the time, effort and trouble to not only invite us to train (and for offering your home to us) and for all that you are doing to build your Tribe and promote the patriotic message to your local friends, family and co-workers.

General note: Folks, Holly and I have not yet had a class in which we have did not leave with friends and allies added to our ranks.  I feel as if we are helping to "stitch together" small knots of serious Patriots with every location we visit.  That is ONLY possible because of that small number of people like Mr. X, BonnieGadsden, Mullenax, Daniel, and others who are taking the time and investing your energy into building Local, Local, Local, and helping to "weave" all of our "Locals" into what this country once was - joined by common bonds and ideals.

We have work to do.  Liberty will not die if you and I do not permit it.

Sandman & Team - here we come!



  1. Looking forward to it. Drive safe and we will see you both Saturday.

  2. Uh, not just hell no, but fork no. I've seen that woman disappointed....I've met angry pit bulls with less devotion in their eyes...there ain't no damned way I'm gonna get a larnyx crushed or testicles jammed so far....well...just no.

    If she hurts me, I have several elevator secrets I can release to the general public.....so....since THAT'S settled.....:-)

    (and if that doesn't work...we'll just leave the ladies to their own design, and let them discuss things they can hold over our heads for later times)

    1. OK - I just read that from the passenger side of the milk truck to my wife who is driving (we'll call it that) with her eyes watering and laughter making her convulse! I am not currently a safe man.

      Elevator secrets - Mr. Miller, I do believe we have reached a satisfactory end to this particular negotiation. ;) You play rough!

      K & HK (who is still laughing! - I'm gonna die on I-70...)

    2. I took three summers off camping across the country using different routes and was dumfounded when I came into Colorado expecting John Denver country and it was as flat as Kansas.:)

    3. Jim, I know you are busy making boomsticks but, you should REALLY haul your butt downstate and meet with us this weekend. You can camp with the unit and we can provide basic amenities. I sent you an email at the III Arms email addy.

  3. Interesting you should bring up your surprise of how flat that part of Colorado is, as I have been watching the Ken Burns documentary about the Dust Bowl.

    The area where the Oklahoma panhandle, Kansas, and Colorado converge was the epicenter of the dust bowl.

    That part of the country was destroyed in the 1930s by over-farming and the long drought, and many of its inhabitants gave up and hauled ass west towards California...the land of milk and honey.

    Think "Grapes of Wrath"...

    The documentary makes FDR seem like God, but I can understand why the folks back then thought so too.

    They were starving and desperate, and would follow/support anybody who could feed them and give them a modicum of hope in a hopeless situation.

    Something to think about on many levels...

    1. "They were starving and desperate, and would follow/support anybody who could feed them and give them a modicum of hope in a hopeless situation."

      Cue the music for "The Making of a Tyrant."

      Miss Violet

    2. Zoomie: It was amazing to travel that route. For a very considerable part of the drive we were on Colorado Rt 50 and 96, much of which ran alongside the same rail line(I think) that Joseph G. McCoy established in Abilene Kansas and turned that turned Abilene into a cow town. Along that route (currently west of Abilene) it looks (to my unknowing eyes) as if the old telegraph poles are still in place (though falling apart in many places poles cracking, cross-members crooked, wires falling to the ground).

      Parts of that route included small "towns" that had nearly "every" commercial and retail building boarded up for sale. The best looking building in every town was the tiny Post Office. The ground actually "looks" like it died, and never recovered. There may be more history to that area since the Dust Bowl, but simply by observing as we drove through, it sure looked like the area died and never got back on its feet.

      In most of those small "towns" (they are nearly modern Ghost Towns) there was usually an old, unused grainery near the railroad, which I assume was the primary industry in town, and once it shut down, everything started to die.

      How the few people still living in each of those towns still hangs on financially, I'll never know - because from what we could see, there were ZERO working farms or cattle operations until we moved considerably east and ran into a cattle yard that looked like a loading station of some sort (sorry folks, I know very little about the cattle business). This cattle yard was filled with full-sized black & white cows, and it appeared they were simply being housed and fed until a train came to get them, probably for slaughter. (there was no grazing area)

      That was an emotionally rough stretch of road, thinking of the hardships people had suffered through there.


  4. 7/13/2013 Beyond the Fog – No this agenda is not about race. This is about manipulating the legal system to achieve a goal; ultimately this Administration and their Media want to create a “legal precedence” whereby they can eliminate the fundamental right of self-defense. Race baiting has been inserted in order to create a public outcry (race) is the disguise. Many in the media just want headlines (“If it bleeds- it leads”) they are perfectly happy to incite riots in order to get the scoop. Politicians are slightly more subtle, if they can’t cheat the legal system they are nearly as happy with “social justice” generating division.
    I guess if Zimmerman is a white/Hispanic then 0bongo is a white/black?




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