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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brock's North Carolina Fall PatCon Update

Brock is hosting Patriots again this fall, Thursday October 3rd through Monday the 7th.

This is the Patriot event east of the Mississippi, and you should do all you can to attend, with your Tribe and/or family.  Meeting Patriots, shaking their hands, looking into their eyes, is priceless.

This particular update explains my role this fall, offering 11 hours if CQB training on Friday.  If you train hard and smart, we can get it done faster.  We'll do the complete "Fight to your Weapon" class, and a modified "GroundFighting 101", which will include some sparring for you folks who want to go a bit harder.  Age doesn't matter.  Size and strength and sex don't matter.  Not in the best shape?  The pace is slow enough that you can learn, while building your wind.

The cost is $210.  The GroungFighting course is no charge.  Half of all class fees will be donated to Brock to help continue hosting these essential events for the Liberty Movement.

I believe SFMedic is hosting his TCCC class the day before, another class you and your Tribe should do all you can do to attend.  Indeed, any class that is offered over this several-days event is pure gold for you and your Team. 

This event has roots that go all the way back to the Revolution, when Patriots would gather and break bread, and talk about the King and his minions, and what they intended to do about it.  Brock is following the blueprint left for us by our Founders.

You should do the same and attend, and be part of the solution.

Here's the link to Brock's place.


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