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Thursday, July 25, 2013

III Arms AR Raffle?

We are considering a raffle for a III Arms Minuteman AR-15.

There are a few legal hoops through which we'll have to jump, but the winner will have it shipped from Miller to your FFL.

Jim will be able to engrave your favorite quote (of course it has to be short enough to fit) and he can possibly even personalize your serial number a bit.  Again, don't hold me to the serial number personalization, I think it can happen, but I'm not an FFL.

Here's the question:  What do you consider a fair price per raffle ticket?

The reason for doing the raffle is a fundraiser for the Citadel, that's where all money (over cost of the rifle) will go.

So, please let me know what you think a fair raffle ticket should cost.



  1. FFL, huh?

    So much for resisting tyranny.

    1. Illuminos: Are you suggesting that III Arms is a "sell-out" for getting their FFL?


    2. I'm saying that abiding unconstitutional regulations is just as traitorous to the Constitution as passing unconstitutional regulations.

      All gun control (NFA, GCA, FOPA, etc.) is unconstitutional regulation; regardless of the excuses apologists make to defend it.

      To resist tyranny, we, at the very least, must disobey it.

    3. I agree with the principle, I also think people need to pick their fights carefully. If Miller tried to build firearms as a means to building a town, without .Gov blessing, they'd build a new prison just for him.

      Is there any single unconstitutional law or regulation that you abide, ever?


    4. "Not One More Inch" Someone needs to call H-S Precision.

      All of the major cell phone companies sold our info to uncle sugar........... I have to ask...... just how many patriots have smashed their phones?

      What about the highway systems built in every state using funding from uncle sugar..... Six degrees of Kevin Bacon.


      Bill Nye

      Bill Nye

      Bill Nye

    5. Ha. Welcome to my world, Principle versus Pragmatism. I generally suck at Pragmatism, so my sympathies tend toward Illuminos. OTOH I've suffered for that at times, and self-created suffering is always wrong. Hell, it might even be the very definition of evil.

      So my sympathies notwithstanding, I think K's got it right. I like both lineman's and Rich T's pricing, but see no reason to limit the number sold.

    6. Kerodin,

      It is my position that the fight was picked in 1862 and, in my heart and mind, the conflict remains, unresolved. Sure, the people set aside active fighting for some peace and tranquility from the battle fatigue of years of Civil War, but that temporary respite has [over the last 150 some-odd years] morphed into the complacency of comfort; an acceptance of the regime as the spoils of Lincoln's "victory." A victory I have not conceded, but the rest of the people seem to embrace.

      I suppose that "The Citadel" is a cause worthy of some undercover work which, in the name of maintaining cover, one "going along to get along" could be justified; IF the end is the full restoration of the original Republic and purist fidelity to the Constitution.

      Then, traitorous compliance to unconstitutional regulation would be outweighed by the benefits which a reluctant compliance won; i.e. NO MORE unconstitutionality of any kind.

      Of course, if III Arms and The Citadel, like everyone else, is worried about .Gov' blessing, the fight may never get started.


      I live by God's Law / nature's law and the morality they foster. Just as the founding fathers described in the Declaration of Independence. I don't "obey" the will of men, save for a command to which I may choose to subject myself; the Bible, our pure, original Constitution (unmolested by perversions and twisted interpretations), or a revolutionary fighting force engaged in restoring it, for example.

      I will not abide the dictates of the winners of a military coup [be they a federal tyranny of Presidential design or Red China], even if the rest of the people do. As an individual, I feel no compunction to follow the herd, as it were.

      I live free and will die free. In full justification of the original intent of America' founding documents and the Word of God, upon which they were based.

      No fed taxes, no licenses, no permits, no serial numbers, no compliance. A just freedom, limited only by the natural rights of others.

    7. Illuminos, the question isn't what you should do; it's what III Arms should do. As long as it was brought up, it seems Remington is buying stocks from H-S Precision, which in turn is using the known murderer of an innocent lady as a spokesman. Do you believe I should therefore put myself in danger in order not to fire a Remington, as if that were some sort of higher principle? In an actual life-or-death instance, that seems plainly crazy to me.

      IMO that's a close analogy to the situation between III Arms and the BATFE. I understand the problem you imply..."So where do you draw the line?" The thing is, "everywhere, without consideration for the goals you seek to accomplish," doesn't seem like a really principled answer either.

    8. Jim,

      I don't see how a company' crimes equate to a consumer product. If you trust Remington to keep you safe, buy their products. And, if you want to buy their products as a "free" American, do so without submitting an application and waiting for federal permission to exercise the right to contract for and own private property.

      By obeying unjust legislation, you consent to be governed by it.

      The original Constitution, in it's clearly written language, drew the only lines I am willing to abide. Most are willing to obey every decree that hits the books because they are statist dolts who don't actually WANT true freedom.

      The lukewarm conformism that became the status-quo is what led us to the socialist toilet we are currently swirling. Dumb people casting stupid votes in unconstitutional elections for lying slicksters whose power is unlimited by decision of corrupt SCrOTUS appointees.


  2. It all depends on how many tickets you are selling...The more tickets you are selling the less they will have to be..I would sell 100 of them at 20 bucks a piece..

  3. I like $10.00 per, 6 for $50, put me down for 6........;)
    maybe make it one of the first 50 made............

  4. Illuminous: I like your general positions, and agree - the true overthrow of the republic happened with Lincoln.

    I personally want Restoration that translates to the original Constitution as ratified, the BoR, and take Judicial Review from the Judiciary - which they were never meant to have.

    There are some things we have to do ("We" are those working to get the Citadel built and able to defend itself) that make us grit our teeth. Most of us think the catalyst for the major reset will be an economic collapse, and in that chaos we can make real gains back toward Restoration - and implement the Constitution as it was meant to be.

    Keep rockin', Patriot.


  5. I don't care how much they cost if it supports III. get 'em printed and see how many are serious about III. For Gods sake it's only near-worthless paper.

    Ne Desit Virtus III

  6. Thank you for taking the time to understand, Kerodin.

    My input regarding your raffle:

    Tickets should be 25% the price of the prize - Four tickets = full price; at cost or at retail.


    YHVH, our Heavenly Father,

    If it be Your Will, please bless The Citadel in her noble endeavors toward restoring Your perfectly Ordained Republic, America.

    Please, guide them and direct them in righteousness and strengthen their hands to build their bastions and to resist tyranny, in order that Your righteous People may find refuge and purpose within their warm embrace; as if it were Your Own.

    And Heavenly Father, if it be Your Will, please bless ALL who resist tyranny and strengthen ALL who wage war against those who would side with the traditions of other men over the Will of their Creator. Your Will be done.

    In the name of Yeshua Messiah - Jesus The Christ.


  7. How about $20 each -- or 5 for $100?

  8. How about you decide how much you want to raise in total (not sure how much the rifle costs but guessing somewhere around 1500) then divide that by a number of tickets that seems reasonable to be able to sell, and theres your price. For example say you want to raise 5000 bucks-say 300 tickets with 90 days from now till the drawing, that would be 16 bucks and change. Id round it up to 20 and do two for 35 and youd make a little over 5000. I think 300 tickets in 3 months should be doable if its up on all the blogs.



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