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Monday, July 8, 2013

Cold Steel Spike

I received a pair of Cold Steel "Spike" blades, of course with tanto point.  They have a 4" blade, full tang and a narrow grip that fits small hands excellently, and also is well designed to keep your grip in place if the handle should mysteriously get bloody.

The size comparison between this blade and a Cold Steel folder with the same blade length is significant.  They come with a well-designed kydex sheath and length of chain so you can wear it as a neck knife.  I'll play with them for the next week or two, then give you a review.

Link to the Cold Steel site is here.



  1. I own the older Bowie Spike - I think the only difference in this series is handle shape and material.
    I'm happy with mine and haven't seen fit to buy another neck knife.

  2. I have an early spike with the spear point blade. Very sharp and durable. I have used it for and EDC neck nife for years.


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