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Sunday, July 7, 2013

They had almost III percent, too...

**NOTE**  This is not a call to arms - it is analysis.  It is intended to help Patriots get a real, quantifiable concept of what stands opposed to "Victory".  There remain political options on the table prior to 2A remedies, such as the Citadel, such as Local, Local, Local building of Teams that show the opposition that the rattlesnake is making her rattle sing.  By the same token, as I have stated just below, there's going to be a fight.  The Leftists among us will not simply stop oppressing - that's not in their DNA.  So, take this piece as analysis and a call to get all III looking at the same goal, the same Battle Cry, the same definition of "Victory", when the final political option has expired and the Enemies of Liberty begin openly hunting the "Rebels" of the day...


We all know that the III represents the men who picked up rifles and actively fought in the Revolutionary War against the British.  I just did a bit of quick arithmetic and found that the British were aided by about 2% of Loyalists, who mostly fought in the mid-Atlantic and southern Colonies.  That's 2% of neighbors and family members, in addition to the 56,000 British Army Regulars and 170,000+ sailors, 13,000 "Native" American Indians, and of course, the Hessians (about 30,000).

With a population estimated at 2.5 millions in 1776, about III Percent of Patriots fought against what equaled a hair under 400,000 under British arms, or about 16% of the population.  Both sides had roughly equal support from the population in the Colonies that did not actively fight, according to most Historians.  (Please let's not pick nits over the numbers, these are all ballpark numbers put together by many Historians who may differ here or there.)

On paper, the "Rebels" should have been crushed.

Why did they win?  Why did a smaller, less-trained, less-equipped force win when outnumbered about 8:1?

Many people have many differing viewpoints.

My answer: The "Rebels" - the "Patriots" - simply wanted it more.

They put it all on the line - if they lost, they would die.  They had more skin in the game.

Do you ever wonder why the hare often escapes the fox?  It is because the fox is running for his dinner - the hare is running for his life.

On paper today, any counter-revolution at arms should lead to the utter, absolute destruction of all "Rebels".  At a population of roughly 315 millions, to get our own 3% we'd need about 9.5 millions to pick up rifles and hunt "Regulars".  My gut says we have nowhere near that number today.  One of our bloggers figures our real number is about 3% of 3% - and I can't find any evidence to say he's wrong.  So if we count on 3% of 9.5 millions to pick up rifles and hold the line for Liberty, we're looking at 285,000 men at arms who will leave the porch.  Let's just round that up to 300,000 Patriots so we don't slit our wrists right now.

Also out of sync today versus the Revolutionary period is that while our original III had roughly 1/3 of the country supporting them, we know by simply looking at voting results that we can expect 90% or more Americans today to oppose Patriots who believe in Rightful Liberty (you know - Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are ALL supported by EVERY member of Congress...).  In addition, we can expect at least 2% of our neighbors and family members (not including .Gov forces) to pick up rifles and actively hunt Patriots, just as they did in the Revolution - and today that is just about 6.3 millions - and many of those folks are also veterans with training, former LEO, and generally able-bodied combatants.

So, for the sake of argument, we have 300,000 Patriots today who will defend the Liberty beneath their feet.

We can expect 90% or more of the population to be opposed to our goals, 6.3 millions of our general population to hunt Patriots, there are about 800,000 badges and guns and most of them will stand against Americans.  I won't consider military intervention, I have no reliable way to estimate how many may or may not participate. 

300,000 Patriots versus more than 7,000,000 armed "Loyalists".

How are you liking those odds?

On paper, we are toast.  Liberty is dead. 

Yet - when I met Jake, Chuck, Richard and others yesterday, I remain convinced we can win.  Liberty can survive.  Liberty can even prevail.  Any one of those Patriots is worth ten armed SEIU thugs...because they want it more.  They want Liberty for their children more than SEIU thugs want to risk death for a pension.

The key is that when it is Go Time, we Go, and we go all-in.  Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor.

We have to remember that during the Revolution, this quote from wiki: By July 4, 1776 the Patriots had gained control of virtually all territory in the 13 colonies, and expelled all royal officials. No one who openly proclaimed their loyalty to the Crown was allowed to remain, so for the moment, Loyalists fled or kept quiet. Some of those who remained later gave aid to invading British armies or joined uniformed Loyalist regiments.

If we intend to win, we all need to be on the same page.  We all need to understand the path to Victory.  We all need to move as one, with singular intent and ruthless efficiency.

Are you ready to tell your Leftist PTA to shut up or prepare for impact?

Are you prepared to rid your neighborhood of that 90% who oppose Liberty?

Are you prepared to stand tall in a fight that has you outnumbered by at least 23:1?

Do you physically have the preps to accomplish the above?

Do you mentally have the ability to flip that switch in your heart and mind to hunt tyranny?

On paper, you, I and Liberty are dead.  We are told by all logic, common sense and enemies that we can't win.

I do not believe in no-win scenarios.



  1. Electricity is a strategic product. All the authorities have to do to make life miserable is to shut the electricity off. City & country dwellers alike totally depend on electric power for comfort & the necessities. The 30% that support liberty would peel off quickly if their power were shut off.
    A whole other way of persuing liberty needs to be thought out.

    1. Ha...I wonder if those who trade liberty for electricity, will get shocked.

  2. Even the Greeks are identifying officials

    "They have names and faces: the name of the prosecutor who suggested that Sakkas continues to be detained is Ioannis Moraitakis"


  3. Mr. K, wanna see what it takes ? Just watch the AMC series "The Walking Dead". I know, a lot of that is BS dramatization. But, imagine what it will take you, us, as an outnumbered Patriot Militia to survive and win over the long haul. I'm not talking killing zombies, I'm talking closing with and killing the enemy with little sustainment and casualty attrition...

  4. I work in the medical field. I see people come in all the time with cancer. The 3 most popular ways that cancer is fought is through surgery, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy, or a combo of the 3. Cancer MUST be TOTALLY eradicated for survival or else it will simply return and spread. The person must be checked continually for any sign of its return so as that may be destroyed swiftly before it has a chance to catch hold and spread out.
    THIS mindset MUST be adapted by liberty loving Americans. We must WIN!! Then we MUST eradicate every shread of liberalism from our lands. We MUST be vigilant to make sure it doesnt sneak back in. We MUST have a zero tolerance policy for all of its ilk. If we detect a flicker of liberal cancer we MUST destroy it with complete and utter cruelty.
    I have had people look at me strangly when I suggest such a thing but its a truth that cannot be denied. What good does it do to secure freedom again for ourselves and then allow the disease that caused the problems to hang around?

    1. is hanging from the corner lamp post acceptable..??


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