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Sunday, July 7, 2013

III CQB: Los Angeles

We met yesterday in Mile Square Park near Long Beach and trained in the beautiful Southern California weather, in the shade of trees and the company of Patriots.

BonnieGadsden took point on gathering his Tribe and others in the area to make this happen, and he did a great job.  Not only did he do the administrative aspect of herding cats (that's us, Patriots!) he has also done a great job of surrounding himself with damned fine people who can be trusted to show up when help is needed.  A couple of folks not in BG's immediate Tribe attended as well, and I suspect the entire group has grown and will keep in touch.

Several Founders were in attendance, one to observe.  It is always humbling to meet our Founders and the supporters of not only the III Projects we have going, but also men and women who are true Patriots.  I thank you all.  In only our second CQB class, combined with my experience at King's Mountain, at Brock's spring PatCon, at Mercer when TL hosted a gathering, I am absolutely convinced that if we all carry a simple message in our hearts on a nationwide basis, and we work our tails off "Local, Local, Local", while taking every opportunity that presents itself to meet one another, even over great distances, the III can preserve Liberty.  I am convinced the numbers are there.  Liberty doesn't need overwhelming forces on Her side, She only needs a small, hardcore, relentless, unyielding corps of Patriots who refuse to bend knee.  Just like the first time...

And I am meeting such Patriots across the country.

Yesterday I had the great Honor of sharing a small bit of my skillset with such Patriots in the heart of one of the most liberal strongholds in America.  We learned how to get Bad People off our wrists, off our backs (literally), how to break them in multiple places in various ways, and most importantly, how to buy 1-3 priceless seconds in a sudden conflict so the Patriot can fight to his weapon, deploy it, and decide the fate of the conflict. 

By the end of the day a young lass was earning arm locks on a very strong man, and I watched as she intended to defend with one technique, only to find it denied to her, and she instinctively and fluidly evolved to another technique from earlier in class, to get that arm lock.  There were several natural fighters in class, people with good instincts, able to see openings and opportunities when they presented. 

And, I believe to a man (and young Lady) the biggest mental concern was "...taking the decision to actually use these skills will be the hardest part in a conflict..."  They are all correct, and sadly that is a switch that no trainer can ever flip for another Human Being.  The gun shop can sell you the rifle and ammo.  A good teacher can teach you to hit your target with that rifle.  But if you refuse to pull the trigger when the Bad People present themselves, the Bad People will win without a fight.  I wish I knew how to help good people get over that innate mental barrier of breaking/hurting people when the moment demands it, and not waiting until the other guy gains the advantage.  Good People DO NOT WANT to hurt anyone.  They DO NOT WANT to have to choke someone out, or separate head from spine, or bend that guy's elbow or knee 45 degrees the wrong direction.

To every Good Person reading my words today, harden your hearts.  The only rationalization I can offer to help you with that philosophical dilemma is this: If you fail to stop the Bad People coming at you, they will decide what happens to your possessions, your spouse, your children.  If you hesitate to break Bad People for yourself, break them for all the people you love who will be at the mercy of those Bad People if you lose.

Holly and I met allies and even a few friends yesterday.  We met people who, if they call, we will come.  This also happened recently in Illinois.  This happened at King's Mountain.  This happened in North Carolina at Brock's spring PatCon.  This happened at Mercer.  This can happen for you, too, if you decide to go to a Patriot event and shake hands with like-minded people, look into their eyes, break bread together. 

If you haven't made it out of your home to meet fellow III Patriots yet, do it.

Brock has announced that he will be hosting another PatCon in North Carolina in early October.  If you live east of the Mississippi, I would suggest to every Patriot reading here today, try to find a way to be there and meet your Countrymen.  If you live further out, the journey will still be worth the effort.

To the people Holly and I met yesterday in L.A. - we are better for having met you all.

Thank you for hosting us, receiving us so warmly.


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