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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Give yourself permission...

What is your instinct when you suddenly see this guy in a combat situation?

Most people think that running is a darned good idea right about now.

I agree.  Unless running leaves someone or something (like a Principle) you love at his mercy.

Then, you have to fight.

If you have let this guy into your personal space, you have already f'd up many, many times.  You have already violated everything Mosby, Max, Mason Dixon, and every other rifle/handgun instructor has ever taught you.  Jeff Cooper is spinning in his grave.  But, here you are, facing a guy with a machete who intends to dominate or kill you.  And he is just one or two steps away from striking range.

Do you know how to handle him?  What if you don't have a sidearm, or you ran empty with no time to reload, or firing is too risky, because the entire position has been over run and you may kill one of your own?

My students know how to handle him.  My students will kill this guy.  A few may die in the effort, but the Bad Guy will die, probably by his own machete.  But most of my students will live through this fight, and have a machete to give to someone in the Tribe.

The technique to kill this guy is the easy part.  It is startlingly simple.

The hard part is mustering the courage to do it.  Sane people do not deliberately walk into attack range of a man with a machete who intends to kill him.  But that's what you must do if you intend to fight and prevail.  You have to overcome that gene in your body (I call it the Good Guy gene) that makes you hesitate and tells you it isn't right to kill.  You have to flip that switch.  No one can do it for you. 

I would suggest that each of you sit down and have a serious discussion with yourself, and give yourself permission to kill in self defense.  Have that conversation now, in the safety of your den or living room, not when the guy and his machete are coming hard at you.  Give yourself permission to kill in self defense now so that when a death fight is suddenly upon you (they rarely announce they are coming) you can act without hesitation and kill him.  Your life is yours, and no one has the Right to take it. 

Give yourself permission to kill in self defense.

You have to do it.  I can't do it for you, but I can promise you that if you wait to have that conversation with yourself in the face of a man with a machete, you will hesitate and probably die.  Then he decides what to do with your woman, your children, and everything else you hold dear.

And it won't matter if you must kill him with your own empty hands, or your own machete, or if you are able to pull a trigger and kill him.  The killing part is easy.

Taking the decision to kill is what gets most Good Guys dead.

Give yourself permission now, please.



  1. I can't imagine being in America and facing this situation without a total breakdown of law, but then I think about that soldier who was killed walking down the street in Woolwich.

  2. A long time ago, someone told me that to be prepared, you have to wargame all the time. It's surprisingly tough to do, especially when you think back over your day and realize how many times you could have been had.

    Nice article - especially liked "If you have let this guy into your personal space, you have already f'd up many, many times."

  3. If I saw that guy, I would wonder why he's using a machete when he has a double mag carrier in a shoulder holster, and most likely has a pistol? Then I'd shoot him.

  4. Consulted with the voices, their OK with it, they also said it would be OK to take it to the ones who have threatened my life, liberty and property by voting more power to .gov, the ones who approve of abusive force against those who disagree socio-politically and the outright plunderers themselves. Glad they agreed, would have hated going it “alone” ;)
    And the machette wielding mutant liberal musloid zombie in the picture? Heh, you taught us well.
    Rd III

  5. This says it all.



  6. As the Gunny stated in Full Metal Jacket.. it is a hard heart that kills.


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