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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My AAR from the OVM CQB Class...

That OVM patch on my training gear bag is flown with pride.

Holly and I met a group of serious and kind Patriots, were escorted to the training site, and security was put in place.  For the most part we trained in the July heat on a mountain somewhere in Ohio on the western side of the Appalachians.  This was a generally younger group, all but two (both III Arms Founders) are members of the Ohio Valley Minutemen, a militia unit that understands what a militia unit should be, a militia unit that would get a nod from Captain Parker.

The two Founders who drove a considerable distance to participate were also welcomed by Sandman and his Team, and it was great having them present.  If you have never been to a PatCon, I simply can't explain how good it feels and all the benefits that come with getting together with fellow Patriots.

The entire group trained hard, and I was very proud to see how many people were surprised at just how easy and effective many of the techniques are to perform.  I particularly get great satisfaction when I have a woman being held by two strong men, one holding each wrist, and she is able to free herself and draw her pistol. As a teacher, being able to pass that knowledge to a fellow Patriot, especially a woman, and to see her become aware that she is NOT powerless in such circumstances, fills me with great satisfaction.

This was the first militia unit we have trained (we've had militia members in other classes, but not a full unit operating in militia mode) and I have to say I am impressed with the way they operated.  I won't go into any detail, but Holly and I knew we were safe.

Militiamen and Militia Commanders, this part is for you:

Sandman and his unit are doing the very hard work of defeating the stereotype of militia in America.  They are not hiding in the hills.  They are not afraid of .Gov - for good reason.  They go out into their community and help people with mundane activities.  If the river were to rise Sandman and his Team would probably beat the paid First Responders to the scene and begin saving lives.

"Militia" is not a dirty word.  It is a word that has significant, proud history in America.

If you are in a Militia unit, thinking about joining a unit, or commanding a unit, please make contact with Sandman and ask him about his model.  If you believe that winning Hearts and Minds is important in the coming Ruckus, then you are in a position to change minds and win hearts in small ways within your community.

It was explained to me that it is tradition that the commanding officer of a county-level militia unit carries the rank of Captain.  Anyone can stick a rank pin on their hat or collar, but earning the respect of the people in your command is another matter entirely.  I watched the people in this unit - they respect their Captain. 

When I asked for a volunteer to take a fall with a pack on, to demonstrate just how vulnerable a pack can make you in a CQB situation, it was Sandman who geared up and took the fall.

That is called leading from the front.

That's what Leaders do.

When SHTF, OVM's AO will be secured for Liberty and denied the Enemies of Liberty.

I am proud to have been invited, and I am better for having met each of those people.



  1. Sam,

    Thanks for the kind words. I have heard nothing but positive reviews from my folks about the class. We have decided to rent a gym at a local school with mats and incorporate the techniques you taught into a basic hand to hand survival lesson that will be come required PT for our unit in the future.
    As you said in the class, if we get into a position to use these skills then we have already messed up on multiple levels. BUT, it is better to have these base skills for the random criminal/LEO encounter than to not have them.
    It was our honor to host patriots like you, Holly, Alan and Karl. WE are a better group for it.

    1. Sandman: Take a look at the US Army MCAP Combatives handbook. I personally know the man who designed the program, and you'll probably recognize a few of the techniques. I won't have a chance to actually see which techniques they have included as the "core" until tonight or tomorrow, but adding that program to your Team's Combatives will probably be a good addition. Mosby talks about it here, scroll down to his section titled "Combatives".




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