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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

OathBreaker PatCon? Not so much...

That graphic I snatched from Wirecutter, and he credited Angel.

You and I already get it.  LEO is dangerous to the republic.

Now this from Bill:

Oathbreakers are holding a shindig up in Idaho.  No big deal, on my radar they occupy the same territory as the DNC, Congress, and Mao's rotten corpse.

But I have a nit to pick:

Problem: It is being promoted as a "PatCon" by some folks.  To be fair, not the Oath Keepers organization.

A "PatCon" or "PatCom" is a very specific type of event for Patriots.

Patriots do not violate the Constitution.

The Oath Keepers organization, as it exists today, is filled with oath breakers.

Look at the names on that poster, especially the ones that once (or still) carry badges and guns.  Tell me which one "NEVER" broke his Oath to defend the Constitution.  Every LEO, every day he works, violates the Constitution.

These people are not allies in the fight for Liberty.

I have no beef with former military in Oath Keepers.  But LEO in Oath Keepers is just plain hypocrisy.  Until Stewart Rhodes does a gut-check and starts kicking oath breaking LEO out of his organization, the entire organization remains useless.  Until his love of membership dues takes a back seat to The Oath, Oath Keepers is not only useless, they are part of the problem. And the sad part - most of the members can't even see the hypocrisy.



  1. Liar Keepers are getting pressed hard, shame they and Vanderboegh sold July 4th patriot down the drain........ Rhodes and a set up...... Fuckin Karma!

    Child Porn!!!!!!!!!


    Bill Nye

  2. I'm going to it. There are a lot of good speakers and vendors.

    It should be a damned good weekend.

    I'm not an official member of Oath Keepers, but I am former military (US Army 1967-1977), so by default, I am an oath keeper.

    There will be a lot of good folks attending, and we are patriots.


    1. Bob: If you feel like it while there, ask a few of the serving LEO how they square the Oath with the unconstitutional laws they enforce every day.

      I wonder how many times you'll hear "I'm just doing my job - it's the politicians who pass the laws..."


  3. Personally, I have absolutely no use for the majority of "LEO's" in our country. For the most part they are Jack Booted Thugs.

    We are fortunate, here in the county that we live in, that we have a good, patriot Sheriff. When he first ran for the office a few years ago, there was a small meet and greet for him at a private home. I set the tone of the conversation when I walked up to him and said, "I feel that the badge that you wear is an excellent target from 800 yards away. Frankly I HATE cops".

    After that we had a long and fruitful discussion about the job of the police to "serve and protect". I also voiced my concerns about the militarization of police departments around the country, especially with their attitude that we (the general public) were the enemy, and that they were at war with us.

    He reassured me that this was not to be the case, if he were elected sheriff. Thankfully, he did not lie. he has publicly stated, (at a meeting of patriots) that the Feds would not be coming to our county to relieve us of our firearms. In fact, he has informed the Forest Service that their "law enforcement' folks have NO jurisdiction in our county.

    I will not be going up to this rally to listen to the bullshit coming out of the mouths of cops that do not follow their oaths. We are going up to learn about the things that we do not know about, especially pertaining to preparedness. That is our main purpose of attending, and also to meet up with a lot of wonderful like minded folks.

    As for this being a Pat Com, it is not. It is a rally for the furtherance of preparedness for the seasoned prepper and for those who know little or nothing about being prepared for whatever comes down the road.

    Check out this link:


    This is where myself and my friends got our information on the rally.

    You might want to check out radio free redoubt. They are good folks.


    1. Thanks, Bob - we are on the same page.

      I have heard good things about Sheriff Ressler in Benewah County, that he's fair and a genuine Constitutionalist. Do you have any insight on him?

      (I know he bashed the Citadel as a "Scam" but he was dealing with no information from us, and every media outlet in the region in his ear telling him we are bad people. To this day we have never approached him or any Benewah County "official" to explain the Citadel, or even introduce ourselves, so I give him a pass for lack of information.)


  4. I do not know anything about him. I only know about our sheriff, here in Idaho county, Doug Giddings.

    In Benewah county.....Do they have building codes, building permits, building inspectors, long range land use planning? We do not have that kind of crap down here where we are. In fact, I believe that we are the least regulated county in Idaho.


  5. SFMedic: But it isn't "semantics" and that is part of the problem in the Liberty Movement specifically, and the broader public in general.

    My objection to using "PatCom/PatCon" as relates to a group of people who makes a living by violating Constitutional and Natural Rights is a direct insult to the original "PatComs" that helped birth this republic, and the Patriots today who seek to walk that same path.

    We'll have to disagree that "...most police truly want to help their communities and protect the public..."

    Why can I disagree? Because saying "Well, Johnny the LEO is not as bad as some other LEO because he only enforces 60% of unconstitutional laws..." just doesn't pass the sniff test.

    In this country today, the people doing the actual, physical violations of Natural Rights ARE UNIFORMED LEO and UN-UNIFORMED LEO. They are the ones kicking in doors and enforcing the unconstitutional laws and violating the Natural Rights of their Countrymen.

    And they accept a paycheck for doing it, stolen from productive members of society, given to them by their paymasters - the true tyrants.

    You assert "...not all LEO are bad..." but I challenge you to introduce me to even 1 who does not enforce unconstitutional laws that violate Natural Rights every single day he goes to work. Just 1.

    Yet I can show hundreds of thousands who go to work every day to do just that...

    So, no, I do not need to stop lambasting LEO, because they have chosen which team they play for in the war of Liberty versus Tyranny. They even identify themselves proudly when they put on the uniform and badge, then go hunting to arrest people for unconstitutional laws.

    When they set down the badges and guns and start protecting the population from unconstitutional enforcement of unconstitutional laws by their co-workers, I'll reconsider my position.

    Until then - they have already made their position clear - and they are all working, willingly, for Tyrants.

    It isn't semantics.


  6. I think it says a lot about them as Constitutional-minded officers, the fact they will join OathKeepers and make their views know to everyone.
    Even as we speak the forces of evil are taking note of their names as well as yours and mine.
    Look at people like Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Kessler and countless others. Our civilian police are waking up and starting to act. We need to encourage that, not denounce it. unless the plan is to lose the coming unpleasantness. I have spoken out against every police-baiter, like Adam Kokesh, as counter to this turning out in our favor. Whether you like or hate what police have done in the past, if we have a snowball's chance in hell, we must be supported by the majority of police and we will not get it when the time comes if all they remember of the patriot movement is a bunch of people calling them criminals and scumbags.
    Seriously? Do you want to go up against well-trained police units with a handful of
    patriots ?
    Or would you prefer to surround the White House with a few battalions of infantry and tanks while the civil police stand back,the way the Russians did two decades ago? This ain't gonna be pretty if it doesn't go our way.
    I don't know about you but I fight to win, no other option.
    Watch Bob Powell's interview with Kessler;


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