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Saturday, July 20, 2013

OVM AAR: Coming soon

I will post a proper AAR for OVM in the near future.

I have one thing to say - if you consider yourself a Patriot and you don't find a reason to meet this man and the Team he has assembled, you are missing out on one of the most important, beneficial networking opportunities that will ever present itself to you.

And if your AO is ANYWHERE near his AO, get it done.  Drop the hubris, the ego, the attitude - meet him and open serious lines of communication.

If you do not to that simple act - you do not DESERVE command of your unit.



  1. K,

    AP here in SC. I couldn't agree more. I very much respect Sandman because he jumped right in and took the abuse right along with his crew without once "pulling rank". More later, a proper AARR (After Action REDNECK Report) :-). Still in process of moving and don't have internet connection. Sorry about the down time, guess I'll have to "earn" my CQB patch at Brock's PATCON in October.

    Holly, nice to finally meet you in person.

    More later.

    Alan S. Pedersen
    Tega Cay, SC

  2. It was really great getting to meet you and Holly. I must say you guys were everything I was expecting and more. The class was excellent. (Retaining all of it is gonna be a bitch though) Looking forward to the DVD and hopefully you guys can make it back out way some time. Thanks again for the class and the opportunity to get to know you guys a bit better.
    Josh R.

  3. Sam,

    Was a true pleasure to host you and our guests.
    We actually had people from five states present. (incl. WV, SC, NJ & OH, and MD or VA? cant remember which state you and Holly hail from) pretty impressive for a small Militia outfit in the boonies. The class was great and I will try to work up a proper AAR after I recoup. It finally caught up with me on the 4-6am sentry shift. If I had not kept moving my joints woulda locked up. All in all a good time with some hard lessons learned. Was good to meet Holly as well, I think she is the perfect match for you. Very impressive Lady. (with a capital L). Alan and Karl impressed me also, great Patriots with the hearts of Lions. You know how to contact us in a pinch. Thanks for all that you do.


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