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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Something to think about...Nodes

I was talking to a friend in email, and felt it was time for a gentle reminder.

You see all of those interconnected nodes above.  Consider each and every dot as a person.  Now consider yourself one of the dots.  Every other dot represents, as far as .Gov is concerned, a person in your life, even tangentially, who can be exploited or otherwise used against you, if you are not careful.

Start with the obvious: Spouse, children.  Then move out to extended family.  Then move out to you children's teachers, your meth-head cousin that you never see, even at the family get togethers.  It includes your doctor, your pharmacist, your shrink, your eye doctor, your co-workers, your customers, the guy you buy your ammo and guns from, your vet, your kids teacher who smoke pot at home, and so on.  E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.

Each and every single one of those people have their own nodes, and vulnerabilities.

Now consider .Gov decided they want you - for any reason.  But all-in-all, you are clean - either because you are smart, or you aren't up to anything.

But they want you anyway.  Maybe you did nothing other than write an effective letter to Reid's office.  Maybe you fly a III bumper sicker or a Rand Paul t-shirt.  Maybe they don't like that they teach your kid X in school.

They can find the meth-head nephew of the pharmacist or teacher, and explain if you "...remember seeing Mr X doing Y, you'd be helping the community and Nation Security..."

The implied threat, of course, is that they cooperate, or their sins come to light.

You already know in your heart how many people will stand on principle, and how many will fold.

Knowing this...

Knowing that if they want you, for any reason...

...they will have you...

Isn't it more American to stand tall and tell them to Fuck Off, and then warn Mr. X they are coming for him?

Think about it.



  1. Isn't it more American to stand tall and tell them to Fuck Off, and then warn Mr. X they are coming for him?

    Damned few real American Men and Women out there today, Sam. Everybody's too concerned with protecting their own selves than each other. That's how a small organization like Stasi managed to terrorize and control an entire country.

    1. Absolutely both. "Fuck you - and I'll be calling Billy Bob before you get out of my driveway, ya LEO Bastards".

      The only problem today is - FBI will slap you with a non-disclosure and take you away.

      Which brings us back full-circle to being American.

      "You are telling me you'll arrest me for telling Billy Bob? Well, I guess I'll just have to do more than say fuck you - looks like I'll be digging a shallow hoe out in the holler tonight..."

      But we don't have many of those Americans left.


    2. This circles back to what Max Velocity has been talking about and a scenario he put into his Patriot Dawn novel... those that are willing and able to do hard things when needed will only be able to do so if their families can be protected while they are away.

      What we will need is a network of safehouses, underground railroads, and defensible areas outside of the bad guys reach.

      Everyone's first and foremost priority is to protect their own. Once that is accomplished, they will be able to shift their focus to other things.

  2. Just look at our military if they didn't have the assurance that their family's were safe back home they would not be the fighting force they are today...If the people that they were fighting had access to their family they would be more concerned about protecting rather than fighting... Keeping the family safe is definitely a priority..


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