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Monday, July 22, 2013

Time to look into your Heart

See that poll at right?  At the moment 59% of you have admitted that you would not do anything to help George Zimmerman if had been convicted.  First, thank you for the honesty.  We all know that had he been convicted, it would have been a political conviction, which means Rule of Law is dead.  Make no mistake, Rule of Law IS dead, Zimmerman just got lucky on several levels (he isn't white, so much obvious legal hanky-panky that the Jury got to see, and so forth).

If 60% of the people who read this blog, people who for the most part consider themselves Minute Men and willing to fight and die for Liberty, are not ready to leave the porch and resort to the bullet-box for such a blatant act of injustice, I ask you to please look inward and ask yourself this question: What is it REALLY going to take before you start defending our Founding Principles for your fellow Countrymen?  Not just for you and your family - your Countrymen, fellow Patriots who you do not know.

So far as I know, there was not one massed crowd, anywhere, protesting the prosecution of George Zimmerman - an obvious Intolerable Act.

How did I answer the poll?  I'd have sent him money for his commissary account so he could buy some trading material while locked up.  But I'm not ready to leave the porch for what is, honestly, just one more abuse in our long train.  Shame on me.

But: I would find out what prison they put him in.  I would have found out his block and cell.  I would pass that intel to local III when things get sporty.  I have a list of people I intend to help, once it gets sporty.  I have other lists, too - not people I intend to help on this plane of existence.  But these are mental lists - sorry Mr. Prosecutor.  Nothing is written down.  ;)

Back to the poll: It is not yet time to leave the porch, at least not in a one-way, John Parker manner.

Yes, I agree with most of you who say we should have started long ago.  But the reality is that right now, at this moment, the ground is not in our favor and too many Patriots refuse to move.  I'm not sure what it will take - NSA barely registers an uptick of indignation in most Patriots.  I don't know what it will take to make masses of Patriots leave their porches in common cause.

I do know this:  Drawing a line at the threshold of your front door as "the" Intolerable Act that gets you moving is a FAIL.

It is time to have a serious conversation with yourself, Patriot.

Waiting much longer is not merely a losing strategy - it will result in the absolute loss of Liberty.



  1. There are a couple things missing before Patriots will get serious in my estimation.

    Number one on this list is something that gets beaten to death in blogs and conversation but really does need to be addressed - leadership. The Patriot movement is so fractured that it would be extremely hard for everyone to unite behind a common set of principles. There is something to be learned from the OWS movement here, despite their politics. OWS was so concerned with their idea of "freedom" and "power to the people" that it failed to develop any leadership which resulted in failure to achieve any of their stated goals. Instead, they were ridiculed as a bunch of "dirty hippies" (which was probably justified) and were unable to gain any traction with the populace.

    Look back at successful revolutions in history - there are few, if any successes that occurred without strong leadership. While cellular organization is great for small teams, we need a unified goal with actual leaders. Things like III Congress are a step in the right direction but I don't know if it is enough to bring everyone together. I'm not being critical of the idea; we are acting for the good, but consensus-building is really, really hard.

    Number two is the lack of "actual" problems. While we can probably all agree that the government is way out of line (which is a problem for sure), how does that actually affect your daily life? Are you starving to death? Are armed gangs running wild through your city shooting everyone in sight? Do the secret police break down people's doors with any regularity? Without something that is directly affecting your survival it's hard to justify taking steps that will directly affect your ability to survive. It's simply human nature to not do anything you can't undo unless there is a very good reason.

    Patriots also will need training and a fully-functioning auxillary and intelligence network in order to accomplish anything. We likely don't have the number of trained people to sustain any sort of prolonged action, and if we did have the "tip of the spear" we certainly don't have the shaft we need to support it. I think these issues are getting better with the assistance of Patriots like Mosby and Max, but I'd be willing to bet for every follower of their blogs only a small percentage ever take a class or starts stockpiling.

    I don't have the answers - even for myself - but I'm trying to figure out how I can contribute to solving these issues. The economy is rough, even for people who have jobs, and I can't contribute to every cause I'd like to, get trained, and stockpile supplies easily. I know there are people out there who are doing their best to do what they can and I think that we appreciate it. We've seen the emergence (re-emergence?) of the "III to III" concept that makes me believe that there's hope for the movement.

    I hope I didn't come off as being too negative - it's not my intention. I really believe that we are making strides, slowly, toward being a real force for change.

  2. "I don't know what it will take to make masses of Patriots leave their porches in common cause."

    I'm honored to answer---"that many choices."

    I know it sounds silly and only too obvious. Doesn't matter...that's what the answer IS. I got worse news...that's ALL the answer is.

    Toughness is a great thing, but not too many are tough enough to face what that means for themselves. When they are, then they'll so choose. Sorry, but that's the end of it.

    "Common cause" is a distraction from the truth of the matter. Not that it has to be, but we all live with learned concepts and their baggage. This is a case where precise lingo might help---it's single causes that happen to be in common with regard to a particular aspect. Why do I say that? Because there are nothing BUT "single causes," or individual causation. And yes...that "aspect in common" better be dealt with, else we all end up dead sooner than our time.

    These are the reasons Goal No. 1 ought to be doing everything one can do, to see to it that individual decisions and choices proceed without interference. Whatever the hell they are, until they stop someone else's decisions and choices. That's all that matters right now. We can worry about right choices later, once we start to live as humans again.

  3. Sam,

    "See that poll at right? At the moment 59% of you have admitted that you would not do anything to help George Zimmerman if had been convicted."

    It is my own opinion, that the question should have been, why did we not react when the man was indicted? No digs intended, it occurs to me it was a false arrest politically motivated. Fact of the matter we ALL know it was a false arrest and indictment....... that came all the way from the White House. And we did nothing, let alone question the if’s….. If the jury went the opposite direction. Justice in the long run worked, yet the man should have never been arrested or placed on trial. We all knew this! And Yet?

    Bill Nye

  4. Living where I live - not much around here - isolated and all that, it is hard to imagine 'taking action' in a proactive manner out of this area. Havind said that, I (we) know who the local LEO's are, hard targets, electric grids, cell towers, etc. and to that end I (and some of the 'we') are willing to take action - the real question is when (not at this time, so much as 'over what'). Just saying that there are some 'out there' from you and yours that are like minded and willing to stand regardless of the potential consiquences. God speed ...........


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