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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

22lr & Seeds

How many of you were surprised when, for the first time in my lifetime, at least, the ever-present .22lr disappeared from shelves, only to return months later in limited quantity and with prices that would choke a horse?

This is a simple post.  Either you get it, or not.  Darwin is at work, right now.  Can you feel him stalking you?

What will happen when grocery stores go bare and dark, bread lines become sites of mass murder, and Home Depot doesn't have a single seed in the building...

There is a link at right for Jebadiah Fisher.  Bill is having a sale.  He is giving you the opportunity to save yourself and your family, and to provide for a Tribe without resorting to murder.

That's it.  If you can't see the value of having seed, especially after watching the recent stockpile of 2A gear leave every shelf in America, especially at the prices and quantities Bill is offering, I can't help you.

The man is offering to save your life.

Here's the link.


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  1. You should also learn what edibles grow naturally in your area (or the area you plan to bug out to). It takes a long, hungry while for your seeds to become food.


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