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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

.Mil running massive propoganda campaigns online

From a Patriot.

Here's the link.

In your Friend or Foe matrix, make adjustments for reality.  Also leave room for new data that changes your paradigm.

I don't brush any group with a brush so broad as to leave no room for the individuals who may stand apart from that group when things get sporty.  By the same token, any individual presenting from certain groups must be vetted completely.  Marxists/FSA: All bad, either by willful choices or abject stupidity - they gotta go.  LEO: All bad until an individual proves himself to be genuinely different from the pack.  .Mil, I consider generally good, though I am not stupid.  Many of the troopers serving believe what they are doing by following orders is right and proper.  (Many of you know this phenomena - many of you joined young only to waken later.  Anyone younger than 35 gets a bit more consideration.)

March or Die...


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  1. I always suspected this when I would see comments defending obviously evil military acts and programs. No one with any sense could actually defend some of this crap unless he was one of the perpetrators and trying to justify his own evil acts. Or a phoney sock-puppet posting official propaganda in an attempt to counter the truth.


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