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Monday, August 26, 2013

Any OathKeepers in Raliegh?

A church group buys about 100 breakfast sandwiches and coffee each weekend and hands it out in a park in Raleigh to the homeless.  There are no weekend soup kitchens in the area, so decent Citizens took it upon themselves to help as best they could.  They've been doing this for about six years.

This day they met with men armed with firearms who informed them that if they gave hungry people a sandwich or coffee, they would go to jail.  Of course "...going to jail..." is an act of violence - if you do not offer your hands when the man with the firearm tells you he is going to handcuff you, you face a severe beating by multiple men with guns, you risk a taser blast, and you risk a muzzle blast. 

"Going to jail..." is not a peaceful proposition if you choose not to go.

First: Fuck OathKeepers.  Fuck OathKeeper supporters.  You claim to uphold the Constitution?  Where were you this day?  Holding another fundraising rally?  Paying off parasitic "Patriot" bloggers to keep spreading your name to increase your membership?  Why weren't you down there with YOUR men and guns to ensure that your "Brothers in Blue" were not breaking the oath YOU swore to uphold?  Where is your outrage?  Where is your press release condemning the action of LEO in this case?  And even more to the point - how many of those LEO in Raleigh are dues-paying members of your organization, and why have you not kicked them to the curb and labeled them Domestic Enemies for threatening good people with firearms for the heinous act of feeding hungry people?

Fuck OathKeepers.  Fuck OathKeeper taint-suckling treasonous supporters.

Patriots in the Raleigh area: Men with badges and guns in your AO are threatening good people with arrest (and worse if they fail to go quietly) for handing out sausage biscuits to hungry people.  I'm not going to tell you to go there and defend the good people and their Rights - you have to pick your battles.  But you must be aware that your Raleigh LEO are willing to do this to your neighbors, and to you.  Perhaps you will stay out of it, knowing that this sort of abuse will get sorted out - harshly - in the coming North American Liberty Games.  Maybe you will choose to raise a little hell by calling or writing the Raleigh politicians and LEO.  Maybe you will simply find out where the next event will be, and show up with your own guns and men to make sure LEO understands that they may shut down this rampaging crime of feeding homeless people - but it won't be free.  No one will be "...going to jail..." until after the smoke clears.

This story is a perfect example of what happens when stupid people obtain  positions of power.  I am talking about the politicians (who helped make the homeless people in the first place), the LEO who enforce immoral laws, and back to the politicians who not only claim the monopoly of violence, but also the monopoly of charity (only "They" are smart enough to know who should be given a free sandwich, when and where it should happen, and if you dare violate "Their" decree, you will face men with guns who will kill you if you resist.)

I was asked by a very sharp young family man this weekend what we should do about these people who think they know best.  My answer:  They are murdering America through their stupidity (and some are not stupid, merely evil) and it is time for we adults to make them sit down, shut up and stay out of the way as we fix it.  If they refuse, a backfist to the teeth is a good start.  Deportation is an option.  And if they insist on continuing to murder the republic - enemies Foreign & Domestic Rules apply.

Here's the story.



  1. I cut up my card and ripped the "oath keepers" sticker off my truck years ago. And the NRA sticker too. Left the glue spots as a reminder...

  2. They are murdering America through their stupidity (and some are not stupid, merely evil)

    I believe by far the vast majority are not stupid.

  3. things are changing, now Syria, as "WE" Americans are backing the fucking douche bags gassing innocent lives and the rest of the country goes rah rah rah? thats right sweet hearts the people that are gassing are al douche bag quida or how ever its spelled. we are backing the guys that supposedly dropped the world trade centers. you see big bad "purple Hearts in Veitnam" boy yanking on his throttle today sparking off an attack. We ready for this Shit? No. ....going to bed now continue rant in the morning.

  4. Anon 11:57,

    Quick question...... How do you know it is Assad doing said gassing?

    Bill Nye

  5. Bill Nye that was my point. Assad did not do it. were backing the people that did it.

  6. This story completely enrages me, and I don't know why.
    This shit shouldn't surprise me or anyone else at this point.

    But...you mean to tell me not one of these soulless commie bastard oinkers thought, "You know...maybe enforcing this ordinance in this case isn't such a good idea."

    "...a backfist to the teeth is a good start."

    I was thinking more in terms of a rifle butt. That shit will remove chiclets effectively.


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