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Monday, August 26, 2013

PatCon: Horicon, Wisconsin September 21

WiscoDave is hosting a PatCon next month for folks in the Wisconsin area.

September 21st in Horicon.

Holly and I met Dave at our very first CQB class, he travelled down to Illinois.  Dave is a first-class guy and Patriot.  Many of you probably know he started the III to III Patriot Plate project, and is responsible for many, many Patriots having imporved their odds of survival.  Through the Plate project, he also made sure Patriot Militia units were able to get free sets for their teams.

If you are within range, I commend this event to you.  You will meet a solid Patriot who is a guy who gets things done.  He's not a talker - he puts in the work to improve the lives of Patriots.  And, you will have the chance to meet others in your AO with like minds, which is priceless.

Contact Dave here: acwd4556@yahoo.com for more info.

Good luck!


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