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Friday, August 9, 2013

Are you a business owner and Patriot?

If so, do you still have anyone in your employ who is not a Patriot?  (I know, Patriots are hard to find)

Do you still do work for Liberals/Marxists?  (I know, these pathetic creatures are everywhere)

In your personal life (open to all Patriots, not just business owners) do you still mix & mingle & tolerate Liberals/Marxists in daily events? 

Just curious...

It's rhetorical...



  1. I do work for liberals, let's face it, I'm in California.
    I do not associate with liberals. They are not welcome in my house nor will I enter theirs.
    My own brother has not crossed my threshold in over 20 years.
    I will not promote a business on my site if it is not Patriot owned and crewed.
    If I have a choice between patronizing a Patriot's business or one that I'm not sure about much less one that I am sure is liberal owned/operated, the Patriot business gets my dollars or barter every time, I don't care if his prices are higher.
    Taking care of our own, Sam.
    And that's the way it is in Wirecutter's world.

  2. I didn't take the guy's advice---"If you go into business, don't go into retail."

    In retail, you deal with plenty of assholes, and a lot of assholes are commie-libs. It gets more than a little frustrating when you can't make any money BECAUSE they're commie-libs...and vote.

    I guess it all evens out. In the end, they won't get the values I produce either. There are alternatives, but you gotta be almost nuts to start a legal, public business these days.

  3. I'm a business owner. Still working on getting completely clear of the day job though. No liberals or enemies of rightful liberty in the mix though. I sniff them out in interviews. Even if it weren't for their other behavior, the liberalism is a flag that indicates other problems besides an anti-liberty position (tendency to want freebies, tendency to blame others, tendency to rent-seek). Besides that, I tend to piss them off as often as I can. No reason to be nice.

    But then, I'm in Nashville and they are easier to dodge here.


  4. Let's hypothetically say you own a business in downtown liberal land. You offer something that's either necessary or a nice luxury. Judges, .gov department directors, the police chief, the mayor and city council members and others like them frequent your place and seem to enjoy it.

    Now, do you tell them to fuck off as enemies of liberty or do you hug them real close? Which approach helps you better understand the human terrain and what they're up to?


    1. Some businesses don't have the luxury of picking and choosing patrons, either practically or as a business consideration. I can easily make an argument for the "keep 'em close and get the intel" strategy. It may also help when things get ugly - closing the gap gets easier.

  5. I have clients drive into my shop with the current regime's bumber stickers on their carbon dioxide polluting motor machines. In fact, one is a local NEA teachers union president.
    I keep my tongue firmly in place, take their money, and work behind the scenes to subvert them.
    I will also throw out conversational questions to other clients to find out their political views. Once it is established where their compass is pointing, I will either talk about the weather or direct them to this site, Brock's, site, or chat about books on prepping, finance, or politics. Some days I don't get involved in any of it. Some things are best un-said and my energy level won't support it.


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