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Friday, August 9, 2013


This little female Pit is dead.

Armed thugs crawled through a window in the home and shot her when she began defending her Human family.

The thugs were wearing matching gang uniforms, complete with badges and without a warrant.

They should have been euthanized with the Pit.

Use this information as you will.

Here's the link at Brock's place.



  1. Inept, cowardly, dirty bastards. Oathbreakers - defenders of their pensions. Now is the time to be gathering intel. Attend an Oathkeepers meeting, see who shows up, ask some questions of them, check out an Occupy event strategy meeting, look into the eyes of a marxist, go to a Town Hall ( if your representative even has the balls to put one on) school board, city council, county supervisors. Personalize it. Put a face on Leviathon, for when things get sporty. Wha? You don’t think they’re doing it to you? Tea Party, John Birch Society, Freedom Rallys, Militias? They know who you are. Hit them first, hit them hard, keep hitting them ’til they’re on the ground. We MUST win. By any means, at any cost, for our posterity, for peace in their time, Resist.

    Richard R Deaver

    P.S. Fuck You, low level scum NSA snoops


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