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Friday, August 9, 2013


Within the parameters of the scenario, a scenario that most of you would likely find yourselves in if faced by a HIT raid, there are the following solutions:

1) Submit. This is either done because you have no choice but to look to the safety of your family, through cowardice, or a calculated move to live to fight another day. You can either fight it through the courts as you are conditioned to do within the Matrix, or you can take the fight to the enemy and actually stand up and fight tyranny. Using the court route only works within a civilized society where the rule of law still holds true. That is not the case in our current situation. Corruption and tyranny rule.
2) Fight. You either stand and fight in your home, and likely die in place, or fight to withdraw and then go on to wage war against those that assaulted your family. I called this the John Rambo option, but did you think I was joking? No, I was deadly serious. If this type of violence is directed at you, the only reason to hold your fire is the presence of children in the crossfire. Once you either remove them or remove yourself, then you are free to rock and roll. Yes, your reputation will be destroyed and you will die in the end. Perhaps due to my background I am more ready to contemplate the reality of an escape and evasion with some offensive action thrown in, going as far as possible before finally being killed? However, if you want that freedom, you need to be prepared to fight for it. Some of us will never submit; we will never bend the knee to tyrants. 

A time to live. A time to fight. A time to die.
Some will whine that not all cops are bad. That I am giving a poor presentation and that cops have a really hard job dealing with criminals. Mentally I am visualizing stomping on your head. Cops all swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. If they are not, then they are wrong. If you are a good cop, then step up and stop the bad ones. Otherwise, you are worthless. Cops exist as public servants to serve and protect the public. Any other approach is unacceptable and will not be cooperated with.
And the key to it all: What makes you so special that you will not have to fight for Liberty and Freedom? 
Good stuff.  Correct stuff. 
Cowboy up, folks - the fight is on right now.


  1. Max really fuckin nails it in these posts...I'm liking that guy...

  2. I like Max's writings, but one thing he says here is patently wrong (at least legally, tho not morally). "Cops exist as public servants to serve and protect the public." Not so...at least not according to the highest court in the land:

    Cops exist to enforce the laws (mandated by Gov), which are in place primarily to ensure the continuity of Government....Cops and the laws are NOT there to defend citizens.

    All cops are enemies (MY opinion). I, and only I, am responsible for my safety and protection. Not some jumped up SEAL/Delta Force wannabe in a stack at someone's front door. And, like most frat-houses of testosterone fueled bravados, they protect their own when they screw the pooch, instead of manning up and admitting wrong-doing and taking their lumps. To me, they're just opportunities for the procurement of fully-auto weapons in the near future.

    1. Well said. To quote Will Grigg:
      :"police officers serve the corporate municipalities that employ them. Any protection is incidental to that".
      Or as I'm fond of saying...they "protect" the banks...and "serve" the beast...

  3. "All that is required for evil [in the police] to prevail is for good [cops] to do nothing."


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