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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Citadel PatCom Update


That's the email for the event.  If you intend to attend, please send an email and the folks handling the details will tell you what they need from you.  I think there are 2-4 people involved behind-the-scenes handling details.  We need to know who is coming, when, what you are doing about accommadations (tent, trailer, RV, etc)  You will probably be given a password or phrase, and if it doesn't match the name you give, you will not get access to the event.  Noone is trying to be a jerk, but OpSec and PerSec is important.

So, please email and they will stay in touch with you, get everything sorted out, and at a point very near D-Day, they'll give you detailed instructions to the site.

If you plan on taking the CQB class, please let them know.  The best method of payment is the PayPal button at right.  Cash at the event will be accepted.

If you are a member of the III Congress, a Founder, an applicant, a blogger, please identify yourself when you write the PatCom address.

Holly and I are really looking forward to meeting (and meeting again in some cases) all of you.




  1. Not all the Patriots in the 1770's held the same views about all the issues back then. But they set those differences aside for the larger cause of liberty in their time. I hope that modern day folks can take a lesson our predecessors some 238 years later.

  2. It doesn't matter, I think the core of this issue will drive the conclusion that it is a matter of federalists vs state militias. But on a side note, you should just give the password out because xkeyscore automagically collects all unsecured emails anyway.


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