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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

With Reasonable Men...

Your skin color does not matter in the eyes of the Enemies of Liberty.

You're White?  So what?  They are slaughtering White men and women every single day.

Did you not understand as you were growing up that what you saw "Them" doing to the Black culture was what they had in mind for you, eventually?  Does not your knowledge of American history inform you that whether your skin is red, black, yellow or white, it doesn't matter?  Did you really think you were special because of that white skin, and that Bad People would never act against you?

Silly rabbit, they were simply saving you for last...

Tyrants do not care what color your skin may be.  They do not care to which God you pray.  They care that you bend knee.  Period.

Please stop focusing on the diversion tactics being employed against you.  Identify the real enemy, lock on target, and go to work.

It is my fervent hope that every real Patriot will read the words above and internalize them, make them part of your Soul:  With reasonable men I will reason.  With humane men I will plea.  But to tyrants I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost.

Read this from Bill, please.

And read this at CA's place on the topic, with Bill.

BonnieGadsden, here.



  1. For those Patriots who stupidly think that there are remedies other than a fight.
    I offer you our the arrogance of our enemies, from today's broadcast of Morning Joe(MSNBC).

    During a debate about NSA and Fedgov spying, between Joy-Ann Reid(MSNBC on-air pundit) and Nicolle Wallace(former communications director for President GW Bush and McCain campaign staffer).
    Nicolle Wallace(sic): "It was part of the effort to keep some of our methods secret. because once they're in "the New York Times," they're not as helpful or useful. Which is why I think president obama has done the Lord's work in improving and enhancing vastly, vastly augments the surveillance state in which we live. and I applaud it. I think that's one of the things he's done that's kept us safer."
    Of course, the other traitorous pandering whore quislings of state propaganda, on set with her, pretended they heard not a peep.
    Make no mistake, I am not a naive cherry whose world view was imploded. I was simply shocked at the level of NW's unconscious arrogance to let fly with that statement; without hesitation or reservation.
    Without question, it's worth the effort to monitor enemy com's.
    War it is then.

    Video link:http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3036789/#52808182
    Clip title: "Why Ted Cruz can't win the fight defunding Obamacare."
    Closed caption and text transcript options features are available with the clip.
    Nicole Wallace's traitorous/domestic enemy shit about "Obama doing the Lord's work" can be heard at the 16:59 mark.

  2. I'm immune to being called a racist, homophobe or whatever label the left has dictated the hot button for the masses.

    The comments on WRSA's Things Fall Apart were priceless. Yes, I noticed yours.

    How are you going to feel K when you build the Citadel & then lose it in a lawsuit because some minority member felt slighted he didn't get a spot on the corner? (Nevermind that pesky HUD Directive that just passed)
    Got 50% of your workforce over at III Arms represented by Blacks, Hispanics, etc? How about on the construction crews in lily white Idaho? Oh wait- mandating minority hires as a quota IS Tyranny, kind of similar to mandating that everyone accept everyone else regardless, or as Bill labeled Whites that don't in your link, "roaches".

    Glad to know where you guys stand.

    I was really hoping you'd see the truth in light of recent events & empirical evidence, but you've beaten this dead horse quite often over the last several days.

    Thing is I can't help but wonder, when the time comes if The Powers That Be will let a minority launch the JDAM on your Citadel? All in the name of Diversity of course.


    1. R: I honestly don't understand your position of the point you are trying to convey.

      Citadel: Private property offering leases, all parties voluntarily entering agreements with one another. Since race is not going to be a determining factor regarding who does and does not get a lease, no grounds for a suit.

      Hiring quotas: No such rules exist, and if they come into existence, they would be based upon percentage of the available local population - and challenged in the courts. But, again, who cares? If a qualified black/white/red/yellow/midget/dwarf/Zulu/Irishman applies, Miller will hire based on ability to do the job, nothing else.

      You say you know where we stand, but please share where you stand. Do you judge any human being based solely on the color of his skin, hair or eyes? Or do you judge people based on their actions toward you?


  3. That is the key right their actions toward you...I would even go further though and say judge them on their actions also towards others...Let's say a group of thugs just robbed, raped, and burnt the next town over...You have Intel that they are headed your way and they outnumber you...Do you judge them on how they treated the next town over and try to thin their numbers before they get to you or do you say well they haven't harmed me so I can't harm them...That is one of the things I want to discuss with you at the meetup....

    1. Oh, I absolutely do not think we have to wait until some idiot is coming your way. Anyone who can be identified as a Bad Guy is a legit target. If "I" know X or Y (or X and Y) are coming my way, I am going out to meet them and fuck up their day. ;)


  4. K, "You say you know where we stand, but please share where you stand. Do you judge any human being based solely on the color of his skin, hair or eyes? Or do you judge people based on their actions toward you?"

    I've shared before where I stand & have no problem restating. Skin color is one of many indicators of "tribe" and has been since the dawn of time. The color blind PC culture that so many whites have been indoctrinated into, (not blacks, blacks have solidarity) subscribe to today is a blip on the Historical timeline of the World. Something to this effect was posted in the WRSA link & it summed it up nicely.
    Hiring quotas DO exist. Just ask the firefighters of NY or any other major city. To think that you'll be exempt on private property in Idaho is folly & "racial" to the very Powers that Be that we supposedly stand against together. THEY will call you racist, which of couse you'll deny (while having a 97% white payroll & member list). When they make similar claims for my tribe we say "SO?" LEAVE. US. THE. FUCK. ALONE. That is freedom, liberty.
    To answer your question, I absolutely profile (not judge) on skin color, religion, sexual orientation, among other CHARACTER traits. And people will be doing the same 5000 years after we're both gone. It's hard wired into our DNA for a reason. Self preservation. Is my child's pediatrician black? Yes. Is she like 85-90% of her race? No. I honestly don't see why this is so hard for you to see given the history you've posted, & opinions etc. Disregarding skin color entirely, which seems to be the crux of your argument, What exactly have Black individuals, bloggers, TV/Radio hosts, organizations been doing lately to advance colorblind Liberty? Nomesayin?

    If you don't want to appear or be associated with racists/white nationalist then why not build a Citadel in Detriot? Land is cheap, and you'd be practicing what you preach.

    Bottom line is when Blacks or any other racial group wants Liberty badly enough, then let THEM fucking take it. 1. Stop riding on the white man's coattails. 2. Don't cry when we've finally had enough and lynching comes back in style for the murdering types of white victims:

    Channon Christian
    Christopher Newsome
    Jason Befort
    Heather Muller
    Brad Heyka
    Aaron Sander
    Autumn Pasquale
    Reba Lynn Ryan
    Christina Edkins
    Elin Krantz
    Emily Haddock
    Genelle Conway-Allen
    Jesse Smithers
    Kelli O’Laughlin
    Chris Lane
    And on
    And on
    And on...

    Fair enough?

    1. "LEAVE. US. THE. FUCK. ALONE. That is freedom, liberty."

      Wow, is that right. Nice job. And vice versa too, of course.

      I understand the "profiling" and considering one trait along with others. What I don't get is why anyone would visit guilt upon an individual for either a) the idiocy of Govco and the idiot "progressives" behind it, or b) what some other individual did who happens to share one of the traits being considered.

      I mean, if a murderer is 5'11", nobody goes around placing the blame on people of equal height. So why would anyone do it with regard to skin color, or religion or any other particular attribute?

      One answer is obvious---"cuz skin color or religion can influence a person more than just their height." I see that, but for the life of me I can't see why ANY attribute that ANY person shares with someone else could possibly be a basis for judging THAT person because of what the OTHER person did.

      If you can explain the thinking, I for one would be grateful.

    2. "If you can explain the thinking, I for one would be grateful."

      Jim, it's as plain as the nose on your face. Read the parable of the scorpion & the frog. Then pick up your local newspaper and look at the arrest sheets.

      Those that think we are all the same are delusional as best, dangerous at worst.

      Sorry, but on my best day I couldn't possibly explain you naivety.

    3. R, you're not understanding my question and if there's one thing I'm not, it's naive. You think I'm asking about racial theories or something, but I'm not.

      I'll make it simple. Take two guys--Joe and John--who are the same race. Assume the most extreme of "racist" or "supremacist" theories are correct, and so these two are the same (ahem) with regard to IQ, propensity to violence, immorality, whatever. Get it? I'm NOT asking about any of that.

      I'm asking only one thing. If Joe commits a crime, what sort of thinking could possibly visit the guilt of that crime on John, who didn't commit the crime? That's all. If you can explain the thinking behind that, great. If not, that's alright too.

      BTW the point of the scorpion and frog story is that the scorpion DOESN'T have a choice, and in fact dies because he doesn't have a choice. If your theory involves the idea that some human doesn't have a choice, then I'm interested in that too.

  5. I don't know if you have lived a sheltered life or what....If you have never put any attributes to another person by their actions and because of color or religion then its a wonder you are still alive...If I was in a city and saw a bunch of black youths gathering together I would have to fool to go and get anywhere near them even if they were not like the hundreds of other black groups that have robbed, destroyed property, and beat people up...I also would not go into the back woods of Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky without being with someone who is from there...If you don't make such judgements then your not going to be alive very long unless of course you never have to be in that situation....

    1. Was that to me, lineman? If so, then either I wasn't clear or you didn't understand.

      I wrote that I DO "understand the 'profiling'..." I'm a native Detroiter and that stuff's old hat in these parts. [Though interestingly, the Detroit area was notably NOT racist until the idiot progressives started with the altruism meme. Everyone here just worked, and worked hard, since the place was settled. Not to be rude, but it seems the rest of the country is about 50 years behind the madness here.]

      Anyway, my bewilderment was what I wrote, not what you attributed to me (if you were indeed attributing that to me). "For the life of me I can't see why ANY attribute that ANY person shares with someone else could possibly be a basis for judging THAT person because of what the OTHER person did."

      I am NOT wondering why one would act differently around a black person, or Muslim, or Jew or whatever. I am wondering why one would attribute GUILT to that person because of what ANOTHER person did. That's all; I didn't understand it then, and don't understand it now.

      I don't want to argue the point; I'm interested in knowing how the thinking works. If you or anyone else can explain, I'm all ears.

    2. Lineman: No one is saying not to use life experience and reasonable stereotypes to "inform" your decision in particular circumstances.

      The distinction I am making is: Don't use life experiences and reasonable stereotypes to make absolute judgments about a particular individual - give the individual a chance to either confirm he deserves the stereotypes - or not.

      It is the people who say "All Blacks are animals with low IQ scores just waiting to rape and kill Whitey" who we are targeting as being out of line.

      Make no mistake - when I go into an area such as Compton or Anacostia (DC), I ratchet up my awareness and invoke my understanding that there are eyes on me that see me as a potential victim. I also know there are more eyes on me that do not. I take each person as they present themselves to me. The guy who starts approaching in predator mode gets no quarter. ;)


  6. I tried to explain that to you Jim but I guess you didn't get it....If those group of people hadn't done anything to you or hadn't caused any trouble yet...Then by doing what I would do is judging them by what someone else had done...I don't know how much clearer I can be...Maybe you just like to argue so maybe I'm wasting my breath...Kerodin I understand completely what your saying...I am going to talk to you about that at the PatCom...I have a question for you that I have been asked before and can't ever seem to come up with a good answer...

  7. Alright lineman, I appreciate the effort. I thought I was clear; I'm not trying to argue ANYTHING. I'm trying to understand, and here's why.

    This society's gone right down the sewer and these multiple recent tragedies PROVE it. A bunch of rotten, disgusting punk thugs are murdering about the most innocent people you could find anywhere. I don't have to wonder why they're doing it, cuz they're stating outright why they're doing it---they're doing it because they believe that those innocent people's "group of people" committed some injustice against their "group of people." They're very clear about this, and even our disgusting politicians and media are saying exactly the same thing, over and over and over again.

    So the part I don't understand is why otherwise reasonable people are responding with, "Yep, that's the right way to think." I find that maddening, and just as maddening is the fact that the productive earnings of guys like you and me are being outright stolen in order to house, feed and educate that craziness. I mean, talk about buying the rope to hang yourself; I could hardly think of a better example.

    At this point, I'm not arguing any of it. There's not much to do except physically defend against it. But damn, I can't understand why anyone who wants to live a decent life, would go along with thinking like that.

  8. The article was talking of why white people aren't special they were just saving us for last.... So how would I know you were talking about the thugs that have been acting out....They aren't doing it because of what we or anyone else has supposedly done to them...They are doing it because there is no real consequences to their actions...They rob, rape, kill for the power, money, or the fun of it..Sure they might use an excuse of some cause but would do it anyway without one...Thats what people don't understand if it was really about us cracka's then they sure would be killing a lot more of us than their own...Why the uptick in it now is either like Kerodin said and the powers that be are pushing it or they have just realized that the consequences for killing white people are the same now as when they were killing each other...Tell you the truth I don't know what to believe anymore I just wish there was a little more intelligence in this world and more humanity...


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