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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Invitation for Guest Post

I'm inviting a tech-savvy Patriot to write a piece about options for turning on a smartphone, recording video and getting it up to the cloud as efficiently as possible.

Here's the scenario: Good Guy suddenly finds himself in a confrontation (of any sort) and he wants it recorded and disseminated ASAP.  Is there a Bluetooth (or better vehicle) camera/microphone that the Good Guy can wear wirelessly, and activate the phone that also gets the video/audio into the cloud? 

Holding the phone while both hands are otherwise busy poses a problem.  If you manage to record to the phone, but it falls into Bad Guy hands, the video can be deleted.  Also, you may not be able to actually reach the phone to start the app if things get sporty unexpectedly.

So, the goal is to touch a button (camera/mic) that stays on a ballcap or lapel, that automatically starts the recording and uploading functions.

Any of you Techie Patriots have a solution, or more than one?  If you have a blog, I'll link you.  If not, I invite you to write and I'll post it verbatim here.


1 comment:

  1. Copblock.com recommends the use of Qik Video. This uploads into a cloud which can then be recovered by yourself, even if the enemy agents attempt to delete it from the local hardware.

    The video also streams live.

    Make sure a 3rd party has your login information so that the video can be recovered in the eventuality of your capture. The video will then include the attempted deletion by the "Enforcement" Agent.

    Qik Video apps are available for almost every smart phone type.


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