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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Consider: Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor...

If the people in our government consider us to be 'terrorists' (standing shoulder to shoulder with such 'terrorists' as Franklin, Jefferson, Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, et al), and knowing how the people in our government deal with 'terrorists', what obligation remains for you and me to abide their diktats, to seek discourse based on reason?

Knowing these people hunt and kill 'terrorists' all over the world, and now put you and me on the same moral level as murderous, child-raping, innocent-bombing genetic waste, what moral restraint remains upon us to not hunt every single one of them in their daily lives and visit upon them the same remedy they have planned for you and me - before they get to us.

They have dropped the optics.

They have shown us who they are.

They have told us our place in their world and what they mean to do with us.

Someone tell me why it is not right and proper to take the offensive and put a backfist into the teeth of a man who has told me he intends to kill me?



  1. "Someone tell me why it is not right and proper to take the offensive and put a backfist into the teeth of a man who has told me he intends to kill me?"

    Too easy---because he's a punk, and you're not him.

    Plus, he's undoubtedly a coward. That's why he wears a hood when he does his deeds and pretends that he's doing it in the name of someone else. It's also why he needs a mob behind him.

    Hey, that's Rule of Law...as it is, not how we imagined it to be. Now if he actually tries to kill you, then that's a different story. Kinda obvious, then.

    And don't get me wrong. The best defense may be a good offense, but punks aren't worth the effort. Besides, unachievable goals are never rational and there are simply too many punks out there. Currently.

  2. sheep-dogs my ass.
    Wolves in sheep-dogs clothing..

  3. Trick is knowing when to head for the woods before it gets heavy.

    1. That's been my strategy Knob, but I think it ain't gonna cut it. There's nowhere left to hide on this planet, at least not from the biggest danger. As K has said, it's "Stand and be Counted" and just keep standing until it's over.

      Me, I like to imagine the victory party...figure to be some real characters at that bash!

  4. My new creed...
    "To be a law-abiding citizen is utterly stupid. Claiming to be law-abiding is to agree to oppression and tyranny; it is to accept and even endorse subjugation to arbitrary laws. It is Slavery."


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