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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hunting Predators

Fuck PETA.

I say Fuck PETA not because of their stated mission - I have NO PROBLEM with men and women who are true believers.  What I have a problem with is hypocrisy.  Full Stop.  Research how they are simply a kill facility at their main headquarters, despite their continuous fundraising and public policy to the contrary.  A no-kill shelter?  Bull-Pucky.

Moving onward.

Predators have eyes that focus forward.  Prey have eyes typically on the sides of their head.  Mother Nature made the rules, not me.  This is all the balance of life, and it is not my place to futz with the will of Mother Nature.

We know the Wolf, primarily in Idaho, is a predator that kills countless livestock and costs therefore rise, increasing the cost to feed your family.  Anyone who hunts or has seen the wolf packs in Idaho understand they essentially have no natural enemies to keep the balance of nature.  Coyotes fall into the same category.  The encroachment of Mankind has disrupted the natural order of the world.  That Mankind is a plague on the world is a topic for another time.  I was raised into manhood by a real man who helped me understand the realities of life.  I was raised in Southern Maryland, where crops, livestock and watermen made their livings and provided for their families by working the land and Chesapeake bay.  Make no mistake, these men lead hard lives.  The biggest real threat we had at my uncle's place was the critters that would raid the chicken coup.  It was a perfect training ground for a lad to learn how the world worked, armed with a Ruger single six.

There is a legitimate conservation need to keep the predator and other populations down in numbers.  It is not immoral.  It is not cruel.  It is simply necessary.  How many people each year are killed when deer become over-populated and kill motorists in accidents.

Fortunately there remain men and women with common sense who dismiss the political correctness and get the job done.  I was fortunate enough to meet our Host in Michigan who builds predator calls, and his friend who sells these call through his businesses.  I am adding the retail outlets to the sidebar.  III to III.  I can't endorse the calls by experience (only by the knowledge that the people involved are serious professionals) these people deliver to market, for it is simply a skill I never tried to learn.  But I know this community not only hunts these predators, but they seek the best gear to get it done humanely and efficiently.

Wirecutter is an avid, professional coyote hunter.  I think he can expect a good conversation with the owner of the call company, and hopefully and he will be able to offer an informed view in the near future.

As I mentioned, I personally met the man who makes the calls at the wholesale level, and I was gifted with a tour of his shop.  I also met the distributor during our Michigan CQB class.  I can tell you both men are serious professionals, and they have earned a space on my sidebar.  I commend them to you.

DogBreathCoyoteCalls, here.
PredatorOps.com, here.

If you keep your hunting skills sharp by hunting predators, explore the links above.  Their firms are all Patriot endeavors.

I'll add the links at right as soon as I can get to my computer that is loaded with my art program.

Stay safe.  Stay sharp.  If you hunt with a rifle, build your skillset to hunt with a handgun and close the range.


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  1. I own every one of Dogbreath's calls and have done repeated endorsements of them over the years on my blogs.
    They are by far the very best calls I own and would not consider going on a hunt without ALL of them in my bag.
    How's that for a hands-down plug?


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