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Saturday, August 10, 2013

CQB & Citadel PatCom SitRep

I have to admit that deciding to teach CQB as a means of immersing ourselves into the III without the distractions of non-related businesses has already proved to be one of my better choices in life.  The ability to stay focused on nothing but III projects and III activities has been wonderful for HK and me.  Meeting Patriots and sharing a small bit of my martial experience is one of the most rewarding "jobs" I have ever accepted.  To everyone who has attended, and who plans to attend a CQB course, thank you.  You have helped HK and me stay focused on the III, and you have given us the gift of connecting with real Patriots.

I'll list our CQB schedule below.  As you can see, we begin a long road trip next week.  Two classes below are "tentative", meaning we have several Patriots in the AO who want the class, but we haven't reached our minimum 8 participants yet.  (S.E. Wisconsin and Upper Michigan)  If you are in those AOs and want to take a class, zip me an email and I'll put you in touch with the point man in each area.

Citadel PatCom:  The basics of the Idaho PatCom remain on the right sidebar.  A fellow Patriot who owns a chunk of land just a parcel over from the Citadel Beachhead has graciously offered his site for overflow campers and trailers, if needed.  His parcels are raw land, just as is the Beachhead.  Remember folks, bring what you want and need to take care of yourselves. 

I won't be bringing any IIIGear to sell or raffle.  HK still needs to find out the rules for raffling a III Arms Minuteman 15 from Miller, we'll get that online once we have the details.  The drawing can happen at the PatCom (though you won't have to be attending to win.)

Itinerary: I think a loose format is best for this meet-up.  Anyone who wants to address the group will simply have to speak up - you'll find a well-mannered and attentive audience.  If anyone wants to suggest a specific activity or topic of discussion, feel free to post it.  Of course we'll be hosting a CQB class on Saturday and we'll do a GroundFighting class on Sunday.  You can register for the classes on the right sidebar.

Here's our upcoming CQB schedule:

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: August 17

SouthEast Michigan: August 24 & 25th.

Citadel Beachhead, Idaho: September 7

Southeast Wisconsin: Class forming for target date September 14 - email me for contact info

Upper Michigan: (About 3 hours north of Detroit) Class forming for target date of September 21 - email me for contact info

Brock's PatCon, North Carolina: October 4

If you are considering a class, let me know and we'll put the word out and see if we can help build your Tribe a little bigger.

Remember: The cost and class size for the CQB classes will be going up after Brock's PatCon.  Anything scheduled prior to Brock's event will lock-in current pricing (even if the class is actually held after Brock's PatCon.)  So, if you have been considering a class and like what people have said about the experience (reviews here), send an email and we'll get you on the schedule with current pricing.

More updates will follow as warranted.


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  1. Bill from Wisconsin here, just got patches they are great thx.

    by the way would like to know about the SE Wisconsin one.....

    Thx, -Bill


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