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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Office of Sheriff

You know my position: No matter how bad it gets, politics can't be ignored, neglected or dismissed.

Our Founders understood the importance of politics.  It was a political act to write and sign our Declaration, an act taken by politicians, and enforced by the III Percent in the field.

The same formula will work this time. 

After the first Revolution the Federalists became terrified that Patriots might come hunting for them and kill them, for they were already violating the spirit of the Constitution.  They watched the French Revolution and were afraid - with good reason - that the same could happen here.

This time the revolutionaries are those seeking to crush the Constitution, once and for all.  Constitutionalists today are counter-revolutionaries, seeking to protect and defend the Original Intent of the Constitution and those fellow Americans who seek to respect it in name and deed.

I contend our original III made a mistake when they did not evict every last Loyalist from the continent.  Our original III were too tolerant.  The troops of Lincoln made the same strategic blunder (thankfully) by leaving so many Southerners alive and in their homes, with festering hatred that still exists many generations later.

This time I suspect the disgust for the parasites among us is so high that Americans who choose to enter the Ruckus in defense of Natural Law, Rightful Liberty and our Founding Principles and documents will not stop when the parasites and their forces throw up their hands in defeat.  There will not be a tolerant peace.  There will be trials, and many of those trials may be held Roy Bean style.  Patriots will hunt for those who sought to enslave them, and make them pay for their crimes.  This time, with History serving as a guide, the victor, whoever may win, will not stop until their enemies are dead or physically forced off the continent.  I promise you the Marxists will not stop until all traces of "Patriots" are eradicated, snuffed from existence, History and even memory.  

This time, it is for all the marbles, and one side or the other will win a total victory that includes the absolute destruction of the enemy philosophy.

The Reign of Terror will look like a Sunday brunch, regardless of which side prevails.

Responsible Patriots will not neglect the political realm.  A very large percentage of those who will support Patriots, as well as a very large percentage of those who are ambivalent, folks who do not fight, recognize the Constitution as the governing authority (even if they have no idea what it says or means), so using the Constitution as a rally point is simply common sense. 

Equally, the vast majority of Americans recognize the office of Sheriff as a legitimate office with a Constitutional role in our society.  Patriots should use that recognition strategically.  If you have a good Sheriff, support him (or her).  Be vocal.  Throw some money into his campaign fund and make sure he knows who you are, and what you expect.  Align yourself with him and his office, which will work to your benefit for legitimacy.  If you have a bad Sheriff, support a good candidate.  If there is no good candidate, YOU run for the seat.  If you are a III Patriot and you intend to respect the Constitution, who would be a better person wielding Constitutional power?

If the Ruckus starts and you have a bad Sheriff, make him abandon his office and clear the way for a good Sheriff.  If the Ruckus starts and there is suddenly a vacuum in the Sheriff's Office, step in yourself or support someone you trust.  Consider buying a simple "Sheriff" badge and keeping it in your gear - if the time comes when legitimate authority and recognition of that authority is needed, have the means to hand the elected Sheriff a badge to pin on his shirt.

The election may be a well-disciplined affair, or it may be you standing on a soapbox at the County Green and counting hands in the crowd.  But do not dismiss the value of having a Sheriff on your side.  Do not dismiss his genuine Constitutional role.  Do not dismiss the symbols and trappings of the office, which conveys legitimacy to the people who do not fight.

Who is your Sheriff right now?  Is he a serious person when it comes to respecting the Natural Rights of the Citizens in his AO?  Does he at least attempt to shunt the unconstitutional mandates coming from the State and FedGov?  Or is he simply another politician, milking the system and abusing his office?

Consider: If you were Sheriff, or one of your Tribe who you trust were Sheriff, how many goodies could you get from Uncle Sugar that will help your AO in the future?

Any III Patriot reading this post - if you run, I will help support you.  I will work beneath the radar to help any III Patriot who puts himself out there in such a manner.  For those of you who may need the income, being Sheriff is NOT an FSA office.  You can accept that paycheck proudly.  You can stand tall between Enemies of Liberty and your Countrymen.  If you don't need the money, consider running anyway - because America needs Her Patriots in serious, legitimate positions.

Think about it...



  1. Good topic, Sam. I'll share some intel from my AO in the interest of getting input and helping others in a similar situation. My county is three counties removed from Cook County, Illinois. Our sheriff is another corrupt politician, milking the system and abusing his office. His family and one other take turns holding the office and both milk it good whether "in power" or not. They're immune from being held accountable and they know it.

    During prohibition Al Capone liked this area both for a hideout away from Chicago and as a major source of supply for the booze he sold. Local cornfields supplied the whiskey and grains went into the beer. Stills were in many local garages/warehouses and all of this went on with the knowledge and consent of the sheriff, local government(s) and police. Local corruption runs deep, is quite profitable and goes waaaay back.

    The current fellow has his fingers in numerous pies that don't belong to him and has made it clear he'll do whatever the state tells him (specifically mentioning things like gun laws in a recent interview) and anyone having a problem with that can take it to court.

    Many benefit from the current system and opposition at the polls is nonexistent. Anyone running against in the past is either bought off or crushed. Have a nice business and want to lose it - maybe with some bogus legal problems on the side? Run for sheriff here and stick with it.

    If there's any good news, it's the fact that most of the deputies despise what they see. None of them are willing to throw away a career but would love to see honor and decency return to their department.

    That's the local situation off the top of my head.


  2. Did you see this history lesson, with at least one cite going back to 1763?


    I challenge you or anyone else to answer Bill's question...

    "How do you take back…what never actually existed?"

    The winning strategy for 3 card monte in New York is NOT, "Keep playing."

    1. JK: You sound dangerously anarchistic. ;)

      There is only one quote from Lincoln worth using, and he was disingenuous when he used it:

      We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

      As to Bill's position that FedGov has always been Evil: I don't disagree. As I have said many times (including in this post) the Federalists seized power with Hamilton in Washington's ear, kept it completely until Jefferson took office, and even then they were already well-entrenched and burrowing deeper into the machinery of government, particularly in the Judiciary.

      Once Marbury happened there was only one solution to the Bad People who were abusing the Original Intent of the Constitution - 2A. And they didn't do it. They didn't push back until Sumter, and Lincoln won. Any chance of implementing the Constitution as ratified and with Original Intent was crushed under Lincoln's heel. Then the Bad People added a series of Amendments to solidify their position.

      We are the last generation of Americans who will ever have a shot at bringing Original Intent to life. If we succeed, we will NOT be the last generation that will have to fight to keep it. The battle between Good People and those who would be Masters is eternal.


  3. We have a good Sheriff in our county. We can count on him, and do.


  4. I have been pondering this for a few days. I have said in the past that I'd be willing to take the job of sheriff. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be accepting a salary taken by force from my friends and neighbors, though. Well, no, I know exactly "how comfortable I'd be" with that: not at all. I'd have to work out a new way to be paid that was completely consensual and involved accepting no "federal funds" either.

    Another thing to consider- a potential sheriff won't come from the ranks of those of us who have made our position in support of Rightful Liberty clear. We'd be unelectable in all but the most unlikely of areas. Just imagine trying to get votes when you are on record acknowledging that all anti-gun "laws", prohibition, etc. are not only unconstitutional but wrong, and you will not ever enforce one of them.

    The voters around here are all too happy saying "freedom" as long as they don't have to actually see anyone else living it. They like Big Brother protecting them from the unpretty parts of Rightful Liberty that make them uncomfortable. And they refuse to notice that selling out the other guy for their own comfort is simply tightening the chains around their own necks.

  5. I would vote for you in a heartbeat...I would be happy to supply meals and lodging for you for my part...I know what you mean about trusting other people with rightful liberty...People are scared of what real freedom looks like...People always say when I talk about liberty is that I am ensuing a place where only the strong survive and that evil will win out in the end...People don't seem to have the faith that there are more strong good people than strong evil people...I know I struggle with that also but am willing to go that route so that liberty at least has a shot of succeeding...

    1. One thing I have thought of as a way to get paid for the sheriff job without relying on "taxation" is a monthly subscription service. If a person doesn't want to subscribe I won't bother with their petty problems. In other words, he can handle things like trespassing problems or minor theft on his own (which everyone should probably be doing anyway)- don't bother calling me. That doesn't mean I wouldn't show up at his door to try to facilitate justice if he's the violator of someone else, though. Nor would I turn my back if he was in mortal danger because of some aggression aimed at him or his family. (In which case I might present him with a bill for "services rendered" after the fact.)

      Of course, with a universally armed population, there probably would be very little "minor stuff" anyway.

      Not only are there "more strong good people than strong evil people", but it is overwhelmingly so in most areas. It's just that the good people have been brainwashed into handing their responsibility over to others who are said to be "professionals". Yeah, well, those "professionals" were only hired in the first place to do a job that was too petty for most people. Like the garbage collector or whatever else most people would rather pay someone else to do. But then the hired hand decided he was "special" and that not only was it his full time job to do that which was beneath most people, but they were no longer allowed to do it on their own if they knew they didn't need him. When your hired hand gets that uppity, it's time to fire him and eliminate his job.

  6. Kent: There is a flip side to the renumeration issue.

    1) Legal: There are probably laws in place that determine how the Sheriff is paid. You could always give the money to charity, but you'll never stop the local population from being taxed for your service.

    2) Pragmatic: If 1,000 people ask you to do a legitimate job for them, it is not only right and proper for them to chip in and pay you, it is also very prudent. If you are Sheriff, a position with serious responsibility, and you have to worry from week to week how your family will eat (because you may not be independently wealthy and working a day job is not acceptable) then you will have split attention and performance in the assigned task will suffer. In this case, your ability to protect their interests will suffer.

    If they have a problem paying the tax for Sheriff, they can work on the legislative body to change the law, or they can leave.

    Just thoughts...


    1. Which is why I could never do it under such conditions with a clear conscience if it weren't possible to return the confiscated property/money to the unwilling individual from whom it was taken. If one person is being "taxed" to pay me against his will, that is theft. It is no more wrong to rob a million people than to rob that one guy.
      I can't be a part of that and still pretend to be on the side opposing theft. Taxation is still, and always will be, theft- no matter how noble your uses of that money may be, nor how "necessary" people believe it is. For me, as sheriff or anything else, to say that theft is OK- and participate in it until the "law" admits it isn't- would just be me doing the exact same things that anti-gun bigots say about their "laws".

      Which just means I am not cut out for such a "job" in the current society, as convinced as I am that I could do it well and justly.

    2. Principles suck, sometimes ;) But when they get in our way, we are defined by whether or not we violate them for personal gain or expediency.

      I do disagree slightly about taxation - and it may actually be your nuanced position, not sure: I have a problem with direct taxation, but not on imported goods. I look at taxing imports the same as I look at charging an advertiser - if an advertiser wants to rent space in my publication to have access to my audience, he needs to pay a fee. Same-same for the foreigner who wants to sell to the American market - he can pay for some maintenance/.gov functions.


    3. But the "foreigner" doesn't pay the "tax"- only the American who ends up buying it pays. Those import "taxes" hurt you and me; not the importer. They end up driving up all prices and lowering all quality. And they feed Leviathan.

      In fact, it is always only the little guy who ends up paying any "tax"- whether he wants to be "serviced" good and hard by .gov, or not.

    4. The foreigner does pay the tax - because he'll have to compete on a price/quality basis with American producers. If he raises his prices, his products will sit on the shelves. However, if he lowers his prices and passes off the cost of the tax on his other customers (not in the American market) that's on him, and them.

      If the importer does raise his price, then it is a "choice" for the American consumer - buy the import and eat the higher cost, or buy the widget that is produced domestically, that employees Americans.


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