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Saturday, August 17, 2013

CQB: Florida Report

We trained in Florida today.

I can now decisively say that sharing a bit of my skillset with fellow Patriots is the most rewarding endeavor I have ever undertaken.  Watching men and women as awakening comes to them in the martial skills is satisfying on a level I have never known in any "job" I've ever held.  Knowing that I am helping people grow in confidence and arming them with a set of skills that will help keep them alive if they ever find a sudden "Oh Shit!" moment comes upon them is wonderful.

But that is mot the biggest reward. 

Meeting the fine people that Holly and I meet at every class is not only a gift of simply meeting good people, but it informs us that across the country there are pockets of serious, patriotic, devoted Americans who still know what real Liberty is, and they mean to have it in their lifetime.  This Florida class was no different - the people we met today are simply wonderful, funny, well-informed, and Patriots.

Most of you know CDP through his blog, and if you don't, you should - here's the link.  He and his lovely wife drove many hours to make it to this class, and I am glad they did.  Holly and I are better for having met them in person.  Alan Mullenax took point and assembled the class, and the people he managed to get to Markham Park represent good, solid America - the America we all know can be.  Holly was able to meet Alan finally, and her smile said it all.  If we have a dozen Alan Mullenaxes in each state, Liberty will return in our lifetime.

I am proud to say that we have met several such people (as Alan) at every class thus far.  My goal now is to identify and meet as many such Americans as possible, and move this fight for Liberty forward.

There were several other wonderful people attending today - I won't give names because I don't think they have come out online, so I won't be the one to put their names out there.  Just know there are the sort of Americans we need in this fight.

My thanks to Alan for putting this class together, and for getting us all together after class for more discussion and bonding.  Sharing skills is wonderful.  Bonding and growing morale and cohesion is the true gift to the Liberty Movement.  Holly and I are looking forward to coming back here.

FYI: It was a first for me ever to train with the knowledge that alligators were just about 50' away.  It adds a dynamic to class I had never experienced before.  If one wants to up their situational awareness, I can recommend training near a lake that has serious carnivores nearby.  ;)

Michigan next weekend.  If anyone in the south east Michigan area wants to get in under the wire, let me know and I'll put you in touch with the local coordinator.  They have us for 2 days: Fight to your Weapon on day one, and Groundfighting 101 on day two.  If you are in the area, I strongly recommend coming to meet Patriots in your AO.



  1. Hello. I am just north of Detroit. I am interested in info for the Southeast MI training. It's been years since I did anything practical and I need to start again. Do you post info here or is there somewhere private? Posting anonymously because I have no idea what my URL is.

    1. Hey Anonymous from just North of Detroit. Get in contact with Kerodin or me by email and we can get you the info.
      My email is lsmith @ yellerdogcalls . com

      Lee Smith

  2. Haven't read him before but he just made my III Percenter links page.


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