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Saturday, August 17, 2013


The racist fucks on whom I posted a bounty have shut their website down.

Fucking cowards.

My thanks to all who have helped - and yes, the bounty is still offered.  I want the names and home addresses and anything else you can get on these pieces of genetic waste.

They have earned my attention, and simply shutting down their fountain of filth will not make me stop.  So, you two sick fucks who are now running offline to hide like little bitches - I'm still coming.



  1. You need my help, holler.
    III to III.

  2. W T F ?, I've heard this kind of thing every now and then, there is a feeling of revulsion that accompanies it when I KNOW the speaker really believes what he/(yes)she is saying. > He who sheds his blood with me today he is my brother < .It's like Sweet Brown said " ain't got time for that! ".


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