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Sunday, August 18, 2013

III Arms: Update

Just a portion of the work happening in Miller's shop, pictured above.

Just a year ago this was all an idea - nothing but an idea.

Miller received his FFL in February 2013 - about 6 months ago.  He received his CNC a month or so after that and built his skillset to include the ability to design code and run that very sophisticated machine, and he did it in record time.  He did all of this while working a day job that often claimed 60+ hours per week of his life, and maintaining his family.

And right now he is preparing to box and ship the first wave of III Arms Minutemen 15 rifles.

And tell me they aren't freakin' good looking rifles!

For Patriots, by Patriots.

You Founders allowed this to happen.  Miller allowed this to happen.  All of you in this community who supported the idea allowed this to happen.  III Arms is a III business.  III Arms represents what Patriots can accomplish if we stand together and put in the work.

And remember - III Arms is not a typical for-profit business.  It was created to build high quality, reliable, and symbolic Fighting Arms for the Patriot class in America.  ("Symbolic" in this regard: Morale, cohesion, and if you ever have to stand on a Green, a simple glance at your rifle with the III cut into the mag well serves to inform the world exactly where you stand.)   Profits from III Arms are destined to the Citadel, not the wallets of a fat cat Board of Directors.

Huzzah to all of you.

You have not seen much in the way of marketing from III Arms.  That is deliberate.  The folks behind the scenes decided it was best to wait until the first wave of orders was in quality-control phase and ready-to-ship phase before burying Miller with orders.  Well, that time is at hand.  You can look forward to video in the very near future as Miller performs a final test-fire of each rifle and gives each one his personal stamp of approval.

The marketing push begins very soon to the entire firearms world.  So, you III Patriots have a small window to place your order and get in line ahead of the masses.  If a III Arms Minuteman 15 is the rifle you want in your hands at RTC rallies, at the range, and perhaps on the Green, now is the time to hit the "Order" button at III Arms.  Building these rifles as Miller is doing is not like a massive cookie-cutter company.  He puts sweat, tears and probably a little blood into every single firearm he builds.  III Arms is building quality firearms to which you can entrust your life.

He has taken the path of the Craftsman.  III Arms will NEVER be a mass-production company.  He will never just "whip out" firearms to fill orders - each one will take time, each one carries his personal name, and I know the man, he will never sacrifice quality for expediency.  Now is the time to step forward and claim a place in line.

Here's Miller's III Arms blog post.

Here's his III Arms FB page.

Official III Arms page with order form, here.


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