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Sunday, August 11, 2013

CQB: Home Invasion

I have mentioned that what I hear most often when teaching CQB are concerns about home invasion.

Susan Duclos has a video of a home invasion, executed by a single attacker.  The attack was caught on a nanny cam.  As you watch it I want you to consider the brutality, and I want you to consider how you can prevent the same thing from happening in your home.  If you know how you would prevent this, does your wife follow the same precautions?  Your children?  This is a protocol the entire family needs to understand and implement.  Consider if your kid was playing in the front yard, and this animal rings your doorbell, with your child in his arms.  Does that Cluster Foxtrot your protocol?

There is no single answer, of course.  But home invasions are on the rise.  Flash mobs are on the rise.  It won't be long before the two activities merge.  Consider a dozen animals surrounding your home in stealth, then coming through doors and windows at the same time.  What's your plan?  How fast can you, your spouse and kids put weapons in hand?  How long does it take for all members of the household to muster in your designated safe place?  You do have a designated muster point, yes? 

You need to work this one out.  You need to be ready to have the enemy suddenly in your space.  You need to consider animals running around your house as your children scream and run, denying you the opportunity to sling lead, lest you hit one of them.  And remember, the moment you surrender to the animals in that chaos, you will never get the opportunity to stop them again.  You'll have the opening moments of the attack to repel them, and that's it...

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