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Sunday, August 11, 2013

III Arms Minuteman 15: #00018

III Arms.

Any questions?

The rifle above already looks sweet, and it is not yet finished.

The Minuteman 15 is not for everyone.

Patriots only.

This entire community owes Jim Miller a serious "Thank you" for the time, money and effort he has devoted to launching III Arms and putting the Citadel firmly into the realm of reality, taking it from the world of good ideas.

Thank you, Jim.

And every Patriot who became a Founder who helped make this happen, thank you.

And every single one of you who has helped support and defend III Arms, thank you.

Here's Jim's FB page.



  1. Jim has done a great job and I would like to offer my undying gratitude...and bacon. ;)
    Miss Violet

  2. She's beautiful.

    Jim Ne Desit Virtus III

  3. Nah, I am content waiting for my copy of Absolved. Mike has sworn on the Bible that if it is not finished and released, before his illness takes it's final toll, it will be finished and released soon after his passing. The year of our Lord, 2009, it is ancient history in the offensive tactical playbook of the collectivists.

  4. "The year of our Lord, 2009, it is ancient history in the offensive tactical playbook of the collectivists."

    Ever stop to think that may well be the reason its not published yet?

  5. Your thin skinned response, Mike millerized or Stewart millerized, is the most ridiculous blabber not based in reality I've read in some time.
    Really, Absolved has not been released, contrary to MV's loud and adamant pontification of it's completion and forthcoming dispatch to his publisher in "the year of our Lord, 2010," at Gravelly Point park due to it's content being outdated?
    Well, without question, I guess that means that all works of similar subject matter(fiction/non-fiction), that have been and will be released, which have been overtaken by continuing real world attacks on our Constitution, Republic and individual freedom should be discarded and destroyed.
    I believe not. No, not now, not ever.
    Your response, sir, is nothing but childish whining.
    Moreover, it is as hollow as the box, in which you place the rocks that you believe to be your sensibly thinking brain.

  6. Wow, I seem to be guilty of what I'm slinging. Sorry abou that everyone.


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